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the burning desireThe burning desire to defeat the circumstances often forces you to bear the brunt of dangerous distances. Sometimes you go on to fight the world, the other times you argue with the world within yourself. How long can you survive like that is the crucial point, I am afraid how could you cope up with situation with such perplexed mind.

Still, there has to be something to keep igniting the passion, come what may, you have to overcome your emotions. Relationships apart there is a lot to achieve, but that doesn’t mean that you fake the relations. It is however equally challenging to establish balance in your bi-fold dedications. While you were alone there was nothing to hamper your ideas, you were as virgin and pristine as a newborn girl.

Suddenly your life takes a whirl. You see yourself surrounded with a bunch full of beautiful thorns. They keep hurting you now and then, despite their heart pondering adorn.

Oh ye pretty but deadly thorns! Be aware that thou can’t stop me from doing for what I was born. Defying all the odds, I will do what I want. No, I don’t care about my pains and your scorns. You may well try filling my path with hardships, and make my soul torn. I would continue to fan my burning desire, and win those departed hearts despite your persistent attempts to fail my sojourn.


Almost all of us can write, but whether we can fascinate the readers through our words, is worth inspecting. Let’s do it right here!

MohammadAtifWriting is all about transforming your thoughts into words that could compel the world to think about those thoughts. We write, we know words, we are sane enough, but it happens that we find it cumbersome to find the exact words for our thoughts. The result is obvious, none but only the writer himself remains interested to read the idea, which by that time becomes an absolute no-brainer crap and hardly represents any thoughts. So what to do?

We think often, but as for writing, we do it less often, especially when we are not bound with writing professionally. Even then, the heart weaves a plethora of titillating ideas that you just cannot wait to share with the world. You cannot speak to every single human being in person, albeit, you can reach to them through various online mediums. If you wish to share your imaginations, its better that you start with small sentences. Probably, a one liner on Facebook, or a 140 character tweet would be a good job to begin with.

Hey, but we were discussing about writing, and not social media! Right? Yes, absolutely right. But these internet avatars are very much akin to your personal diary. If you remember, you used to pen down your thoughts in your native language or may be in English and felt hell relieved. The very moment you ended up describing your feelings through that pen, on that paper of your diary. Gone are those good days, but not before being replaced by even better options, in the disguise of social media. If you instill faith in these media to brush up your writing skills, at least you will gain a settle idea of whether your words are praiseworthy or form the part of yet another toothless post. The instant feedbacks in terms of likes, shares, comments, retweets, favorites, etc., will guide your way.

Moving over, if you are eager to carry your passion forward, beyond those posts and tweets, welcome to the world of blogging! In the heydays of internet, I wondered what this ‘blog’ word meant, every time I came across it. It was only when Amitab Bachchan’s blog on Bigadda was doing rounds that I came to know the real meaning of blog – an online personal diary (Now Mr. Bachchan has shifted to tmblr). But if it’s online, how can it be personal? Instead it is public; nothing personal. And this is what the new trend is all about, spilling the beans from your heart to everyone in the world who would love to hear what is cooking in your heart and mind.

Writing something contentilicious that could send shivers down the spine of the readers is perhaps the dream of every writer, whether a naïve or an experienced one. No wonder, I too aspire something similar. But, to my mind, you cannot teach anyone how to write. It is the inner desire that prompts you to ooze out and transform your thinking into words. All anyone else can help you is to suggest you some good words or perhaps the link to an online dictionary, well encrusted by the meanings, synonyms, antonyms, sentence usage, etc. The names of thefreedictionary, merriam-webster, dictionary, oxforddicationaries, urbandictionary, and many more sprout instantly to my mind in this regard. Google itself is a big treasure of words, just write define <your word> in the search bar and you get the meaning.

We, in this generation are lucky to have internet being our best friend. Almost a decade ago, before the blockbuster entry of Facebook, which was preceded by Google’s Orkut, I hardly thought to make my thoughts public. There was no medium to do so either. However, thanks to Mr. Zuckerburg, now every one of us in this world have our own profile, from where we can speak our mind. All of us now entertain the celebrity status, which we ascertain by the number of hits to our pages, likes to the post on our profiles, etc. But writing almost anything to gain limelight is a discouraging practice.

I have see many good writers, who misuse their talent in promoting hatred and jealousy; the recent elections being a live example for the same. I can only request all such fellows with nihilistic approach, to be optimistic, and avoid indecent, abusive, third grade and foul language to express their views. Of course, in a democratic country like ours, everyone has the right to express his views. But please, at least be responsible enough while writing, since your expressions may cause unrest among many, it’s not your secret diary any more.

The main motive behind writing this page, was to express my thoughts about the fate of writing, and the writers. I have little idea on whether I have been able to make my views crystal clear, but in the course of time, I have now much relieved. Writing almost nothing for yourself since a long time is like a punishment; especially for a writer like me. Hopefully others in my category may also share the same views. But, I believe, here I have managed to convey few messages as well, for the interested ones to follow. Hopefully, they will! See you. Have a great life ahead.


DreamsIf you can’t bear pain, believe me you won’t gain. And if you won’t gain, chances are rare that you flourish and let others around you to be enlightened with the impact of your personality.

You may feel jittery of inviting risks in your life owing to the fear of ruining your future. But how often do you feel relaxed or at par while doing your regular 10 to 7 job. There is hardly any new thing that you conquer, except loosening the bolts of your revolving chair, hovering the mouse to change the screens on your computer monitor and harping about the same lackluster political issues throughout the day.

Chances are bleak that you get any close to achieving the goals that you have set for yourself, coz what you are doing currently is just to satisfy the cause of your employer in lieu of few bucks. If you are ok with this insipid life, then cool! You need not to think beyond the limitations, better be in your self-made virtual cage of invisible walls.

But if you are damn serious of what you wish to achieve then almost any time is the BEST to start, don’t fret about your age, location, gender and whatever else is stopping you from acquiring those wings. Dreams are of two types, the one that you experience while sleeping and the other that you see with open eyes. It is your will to fulfil those daydreams that you see through open eyes that take you far away from your ordinary status, to make you the king of good times.

goalsThe journey from your ordinary life to the one that you always dreamt of is not that easy though; you really need to get the hell out of yourself. Get out of your skin, pull up your socks, do something daring, and forget the attitude that demands your caring. Surely you will be exposed to the bright light that you always expected to combat your dark present.

And if that entices you, any venture you initiate could not only benefit you but also the coming generations; they can either be the part of your establishment or can benefit from it indirectly, in terms of name, fame, monetary relief, firm belief or may be something else, much bigger, better, and colossal; Who knows?

So what you are thinking of? Don’t be an idiot box that keeps on flashing new channels every moment with the press of remote button, be a think box instead and hatch out a plan that could help you execute your dreams in the long run. Remember, if we are visualizing a brighter future for us and our coming generations, the beginning has to be done right from today, in fact right from now! Get Set…..Go!

Expressions Excitement There is no end to my existence, am there in everyone’s heart without any resistance. You express your mood with me as your weapon, most often when you get the due reward for your persistence. Am Excitement – The expression that makes you go cross-fingered while awaiting the result for your diligence and at times, sweeps off the ground from your feet, testing the level of your endurance.

I represent a mixed bag of feelings, for some I am an uninvited guest, others adopt me while they expect a much awaiting dealing. The mere thought of meeting with the one whom you ever have had a crush, or strolling down the memory lane while expecting the same old friend after a long hiatus, do you know that it’s me who let you know how eager you are to paint all those golden moments with your memory brush.

There are times where people treat me like nickel and dimes but inside their hearts they just can’t hide my rhymes. It is better if you express me instantly as you come across some sensitive situations, else who knows you might be breaking the heart of someone very close to your emotions. Once you break a heart, it is hard to settle down the commotion, from then onwards, you just try to fight and win an almost lost contention.

I am greeted with full warmth as a baby arrives in this mean world, but can only hope that the newly born does not greet the world with cruel intentions as he grows up. I can’t be missed, or left for granted, am always expressed as the one most wanted, I am there on the faces of young guns who are about to explore something yet unconquered, and grip the minds of fellows who wait restlessly for a new dynasty to dethrone the kingdoms of cruel who unfortunately made the dreams of people go shattered.

You can think me of a drop in an ocean or to the contrary, an ocean full of drops, much depends on your mind whether it wishes to sow a seed of hope or an entire farm of aspiring crops. I can only hope that you all use me in the pink of your health and wish others a sumptuous wealth. But I doubt if you could do that as you all are just the homo sapiens, full of hatred, jealousy, anguish and who can only expect for other’s ill-health.

Expressions-HatredWhen circumstances force you to part ways with your land and your dear ones too disappear like a castle of sand. This is the time when you realize that you have been completely banned, and ultimately I give you the strength to belittle your tormentors, and have against them a conspiracy planned. If you still can’t identify me, it’s not your fault, for am hatred, the expression which is bitter than salt.

At times, even my arch rival love, ceases to avert my attention. I easily replace it when merely a misunderstanding between two souls destroys their relation. Two long times enemies are my best friends, for both use me to rekindle their hostile attitude, like a profound inspiration.

At times, those from the older generations find solace with me whenever they see their younger lots following misleading directions. But they can’t do much lest being friends with me and observe the assassination of traditions. History repeats itself and no wonder; once upon a time they too endorsed the same intentions.

When a troop of soldiers fires naked bullets over the impoverished ones or the mighty takes away the basic rights of the downtrodden ones. When a child sees her mother being beaten ruthlessly by very own father, or a vehicle just hits a passerby and runs. In all these and many more incidences, I erupt the feelings of the affected ones, fill their hearts with anguish and sometimes their hands with guns.

I know I am not a desirable expression at all. But how could I avoid the blank faces of silent spectators, despite their numbers being tall. Poor fellows, they can do nothing more than becoming the witness, while piety is being experiencing a severe downfall. Moving over, I don’t need to work too hard in stimulating your brain, instead your desire to be victorious does it all. If you win the race, that’s all. But if you lose, you deter to forget the agony of missing out on the winning call. You start using me strongly against your so called destructors, without thinking that you lost due to your own fault.

If you still wish to change, do it now. Else am always there to rule over your mind and give your existence a total overhaul. I am hatred, believe me I am very honest in destroying your life; all you need is just to give me call!

Mohammad Atif-Love At First SightIt was a winter morning when I was waiting on the bus stop to board a bus for my college where I got admission recently. This beautiful girl was standing next to me who donned the personality of ‘the girl next door’. How could I stay numb when such a pretty damsel is there around me to talk with? As always, I tried to initiate (being duly prepared for the worst result). “Excuse Me”, I uttered with a low voice. Pat comes the reply…Why should I excuse you? I was quite amazed with that unusual reply. Still, I mustered the courage to carry on somehow. What is the time? I asked next. Am I a clock house? She replied.

By now, it was clear that the girl is a tough nut to crack and I considered it better to keep silence for the next few minutes until she broke the silence. Hi, I am Rose and that was my usual way to interact with the strangers. But I find you cool enough as your way to approach me is quite decent, else the boys are generally too rude to us (the women) and don’t even hesitate passing lewd comments.

After listening to her, my oxygen cylinders were finally back within my respiratory system and I considered myself lucky enough to get reaction from that gorgeous beauty. She was looking too chick and trendy in her denim jeans and white top with designer buttons tucked in queue from neck to navel. Funky bracelet on her right hand and a branded wrist watch on the left one made her to resemble a seasoned model to my mind. Her lipstick was not that loud either and her curly hair strands gave the appearance of continuous waves in a sea, ready to hit the shore. A fashionable bag was further incrementing the zenith of her personality; I wondered what treasure did she keep inside it. In her hand she was holding two thin books, with a pen used as bookmark in one of them. By her overall appearance, it seemed as if she was a student.

It was just like the love at first sight but I thought it better to shut up my mouth rather than being scolded for my dare. The bus came in next and finally I got hold of my seat inside it with a heavy heart and with a one of its kind pain of losing that girl. Throughout the short journey to my college, I kept on imagining her as my partner for the rest of my life. You better know, we boys are so fast in constructing castles in the wind. Drenched completely in her thoughts, I hardly felt that the bus had finally arrived at the college until the conductor informed me. The fact that I was the last one to leave the bus is enough for you to guess my madness for the girl….I wish I could meet her just once more.

I entered in the class for the first time after my admission and have had a causal look on my class mates, especially the females as if I am desperate to find that girl. Within five minutes, the class was full and my hunt for Rose ultimately died with no extra space left in the classroom. It was my English literature class to start the proceedings of the first day and I was down with my head when suddenly everyone stood up. With the speculation that the teacher has entered the class, I too did the same. Hi students, am Rose, your English teacher, came the voice. I was quick enough to hear that serenading voice and gave prompt response to its owner only to get stunned.

As I looked forward, there was no end to my surprise as she was the same Rose, the angel of my dreams whom I met at the bus stop. I guess it was the beginning of a furlong and an unusual love story between a teacher and a student, as that girl is still with me, as my better half, and helping me out in writing this short story about the day of our ‘love at first sight’ affair.

(Reproduced from my Wattpad Account)


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Mohammad Atif Expressions-fearWhile I am here, there is none who wish to go against what I care, I am the lone entity that dominates the world but still remains in despair, for I act as a shock to those who otherwise love to cheer- Yea! You got it right, I am your very own, bad mad and scantily clad – FEAR.

I am all around the world, in the hearts of everyone; some accept this bitter fact willfully while some others pretend to be free of my fear. But thanks to my dreaded repute that even the mightiest finally bow to my might and leave behind endurance in the rear. They adopt absurd ways to avoid me; often consider almost anyone as their so called god whom they think could help them force me to disappear. But I am stubborn, rock solid and for this adverse attitude of you humans, frankly speaking, I just can’t beer.

How can you part ways with me for I am your sole companion. When none agrees , I am there to accompany you in the dark night on your way to the room of your peer. Do you think it is because of me that you were not able to go to the washroom located on the other side of your home in your childhood? Or again its me to blame for your disappointing result throughout your academics? And for heaven’s sake, don’t you dare to hold me responsible for your failed attempts of proposing to the person whom you love and do so much care.

If you are riding high on illusion that I am the reason behind all this mess, you are on the wrong path, my dear! Instead its your self-conscious, perhaps lack of it in profusion that drags you back and ceases your courage to appear. It is just that my presence spices up your desperate attempts to steer up the gear.

Though I do not completely deny the fact either that I am indeed the culprit behind all that disorder happening all around the world. You learnt lying because you suspected my presence whenever you saw your elders around you. As you grew up, I motivated you to hide your secrets from the world that you thought could harm your existence otherwise. Not surprisingly, I often tempt you to change your region, even religion just because you think you can be murdered or your family be assaulted if you retain your identity and stand tall against the odds. Poor fellow, don’t you realize that your identity is everything for you, and without it you are already finished, forget about living in this ruthless world.

Its me who forced you to remain quiet and tight-lipped despite so many atrocities giving your life a thorn full of tears. They took away your reverence, your glory, your attitude, your gratitude, compelled you to delve into solitude and still you kept on behaving like a soothsayer. At times, I am bound to think why you all give me so much importance; am just a word in a dictionary, beyond which I exist literary nowhere.

If you really wish to honor me then make sure that you chose only the Almighty God with whom you MUST fear, but the intentions in your endeavor need to be crystal clear. Once you do that, there is none who could stand even around your near. It would definitely help you imbibe an intrepid character and let you get rid of me- your own and very much undesired fear.


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Mohammad Atif- Expressions -PowerThe world comprises two main species of people, one who use me and the others who whom I use. Those representing the later species are more prone to lead a mediocre life irrespective of their truthful character, honorable personality or a respectable family. It is in fact the people belonging to the first kind of species who really dominate the world, for I am your very own- Power!

You call me with many names – authority, domination, supremacy, etc., etc., but in all these forms, my role is the same-to abide by the wish of my admirers and suppress all their detractors. I have been taking toll on the minds of my aficionados since centuries and my charm ceases to wither even today; rather the list of my lovers keeps on increasing with every passing phase, be it the stone age, the medieval era, or the modern-day world.

Victims blame me for their miserable plight, all the atrocities they face and for the loss of their dear ones; the suppressors praise me for being the inspiration to climb the ladder of success via weapons. I am the sole reason behind all those wars and have prompted my seekers to put the mighty rulers behind the bars, but mind you that am none’s own property and prefer accompanying almost anyone who knows how to make my utilization above par. Be it to dominate in a small village or to take hold of strong nations, donning a coup of an incompetent governance or to manipulate high-profile investigations, my effect is felt everywhere, immaterial of whether you like me or close your ears to my appreciations.

My love is obvious amid aggressive families that rule the world. Most of the times am the reason behind their death and sometimes even behind their birth. Not surprisingly, they kill people among themselves just for my sake but despite their blood soaked attempts, I may or may not be their piece of cake. I don’t worry much about any relation, be it the mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, husband or wives, I better know how to play with their lives. My devilish appearance has received repeated mentions even in the history books, where dictators tried romancing with me either by hooks or by crooks, but finally all of them were brought to book.

I am an entity that never gets dry; those willing to bring about a positive change often also give me a try. But such revolutionaries are only drops in the ocean, for they also don the same skin and later on get involved in commotion. Not surprisingly, my quench for stalwarts is hitherto unanswered who really want to utilize me for society gain, I wish someone could finally help me get away with this suicidal pain. I am not that bad as you all think me to be, it is just that my takers are mostly the drivers of wrong lane, and totally insane.

Mohammad Atif-JealousyAm sure, you would better try avoiding me at the first sight, and make every possible attempt to bar my entry in your life. But mind you that I am an uninvited guest and an expression that you can hardly eschew, yes am your own – Jealousy!

Am there in the heart of everyone, good and bad, the right ones or those after the wrong path; the difference however lies in being my slave or making me a slave. Some fall for me occasionally while for others, am much more than their old-time friend. I corrupt the minds of those who prefer becoming my prey and at times, even leave impact on the brains of those so-called tough nuts to crack who think themselves to be the most intellectual creation of God.

Girls who can’t bear anyone else to overshadow their beauty or take hold of their beloved are my best pals, they use me time and again to express their deadly strong feelings for others. Men aren’t that rock solid either, they mostly make friends with me when they can’t tolerate others around them to sway away the damsels, no matter if they themselves possess that daring caliber or not. I don’t mind taking a toll on the minds of people who find it too unfair for their neighbors to progress in their lives, but are good for nothing themselves. Same goes for their plight when they see children of others carving out a future brighter than their own intelligent inheritors. From childhood to the last bed, am there in the heart of everyone in some form or the other and keep on inciting them to destroy this otherwise sane world.

Though it is not that am always there to spread nuisance in the world, there are still some really smart fellows who use me to achieve new milestones in their lives. Some seek my help to gain an edge over their rivals, imbibing all their virtues like an under garment, some others take it as a positive energy to keep igniting the flame of revenge inside them ;and it does work fine for them. This species of people are no doubt jealous at times for they are human, but simultaneously hold this exceptional ability to replace that first letter ‘J’ in my name by ‘Z’ and make their life Zealous, i.e., full of happiness, engrossed with zeal, they love rising to the occasions and get their bright future sealed.

As of now, am done with my introduction, thereby leaving you behind with two choices that are poles apart. But before reaching to any conclusion, I must say that it is far easier to go with the negative vibes rather than adopting the right path. So what do you think you are – Jealous or Zealous?

With love from Jealousy!

Mohammad Atif - ExpressionsI am not so rare but people think twice before giving me a dare. I am all around the world, hidden in the eyes of every human being but like humanity, give appearance only when I care. Yes am a drop of tear. At times people use me to express their emotions, the other times they misuse me to suppress their opposition. But like all the big and small achievements of humans, I too have had my own highs and lows. I come out instantaneously when my owners suffer a big blow and bit-by-bit when any news makes their faces glow.

There are moments of embarrassments when I have no option but to get unveiled, whether a child is beaten brutally or a false lawsuit gets the fate of an innocent sealed, a girl is molested against her will or is forced to get her modestly revealed. When people die am everywhere in eyes of their dear ones in the hope that their agony be healed. A farmer who suicides out of poverty, leaving his family behind, am all around in the vicinity making wet his dried out barren field. A mother who lost her son in a blast, a daughter whose ailing father just breathed his last, an expecting woman whose child became the victim of female feticide, or a couple who got separated due to their bitter past, am there in everyone’s eyes, flowing swiftly, tearing them apart, yet trying to get them healed.

It is not that am always there to express grief, am also the mark of exceptional self belief. I engross the eyes of my beholder for good few seconds before falling down to the ground, when they get a much desired job and get the chance to earn dollars or pond. The happiness of seeing a newly born child or getting an almost impossible mission accomplished whose solution none was able to found. Monitoring the success of dear ones in their lives or watching friends making merry with their husband or wives, I am there in their eyes making them feel serene and sound. Getting acceptance of a pending relationship proposal or meeting a close acquaintance after a long gap of disposal, tying of connubial knots leading to emotional arousal or winning an almost lost battle, which is indeed colossal, I always play a supporting role in helping people control their feelings and prepare them to go ahead with further dealings.

Yes, am a drop of tear that comes out sometimes due to happiness and sometimes due to fear. Am there in your eyes right now as well, if you wish then you can let me appear, loud and clear!