Expressions Excitement There is no end to my existence, am there in everyone’s heart without any resistance. You express your mood with me as your weapon, most often when you get the due reward for your persistence. Am Excitement – The expression that makes you go cross-fingered while awaiting the result for your diligence and at times, sweeps off the ground from your feet, testing the level of your endurance.

I represent a mixed bag of feelings, for some I am an uninvited guest, others adopt me while they expect a much awaiting dealing. The mere thought of meeting with the one whom you ever have had a crush, or strolling down the memory lane while expecting the same old friend after a long hiatus, do you know that it’s me who let you know how eager you are to paint all those golden moments with your memory brush.

There are times where people treat me like nickel and dimes but inside their hearts they just can’t hide my rhymes. It is better if you express me instantly as you come across some sensitive situations, else who knows you might be breaking the heart of someone very close to your emotions. Once you break a heart, it is hard to settle down the commotion, from then onwards, you just try to fight and win an almost lost contention.

I am greeted with full warmth as a baby arrives in this mean world, but can only hope that the newly born does not greet the world with cruel intentions as he grows up. I can’t be missed, or left for granted, am always expressed as the one most wanted, I am there on the faces of young guns who are about to explore something yet unconquered, and grip the minds of fellows who wait restlessly for a new dynasty to dethrone the kingdoms of cruel who unfortunately made the dreams of people go shattered.

You can think me of a drop in an ocean or to the contrary, an ocean full of drops, much depends on your mind whether it wishes to sow a seed of hope or an entire farm of aspiring crops. I can only hope that you all use me in the pink of your health and wish others a sumptuous wealth. But I doubt if you could do that as you all are just the homo sapiens, full of hatred, jealousy, anguish and who can only expect for other’s ill-health.



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Expressions-PassionIt is me that invigorates the real you inside you, I often inspire you to do the impossible without any cast and crew. With all the zeal and zest, you confidently say that ‘I am the best’, as you abide by my will and without any hindrance, just go on for a kill. Sometimes, I motivate you for a task after persistent interactions; the other times what is enough is merely a fatal attraction. Before you delve into any more quandaries, let me introduce you; I am your very own passion!

The magnitude of enthusiasm matters a lot while you obey my orders; I compromise on nothing less than going beyond borders. Whether you wish to attain the height of seduction or  feel the uttermost warmth of intimacy during a high-octane romantic temptation, even if you want to achieve a profound goal, pursue things of interests, or want your soul’s purification, without me you are simply alone and likely to be surrounded with obstructions. I am the most sought after catalyst in your attempts, if you do not make friends with me, chances are brighter that I leave you and favor someone else who boasts confidence and is all engrossed with oodles of determination.

There are winners and then there are losers, it is you to decide which way you wish to go. Believe me, you need not much but the killing instincts to give your dreams a mighty blow. Countless fellows across the globe have found solace in my existence, today they are what they are just because they followed me in full flow. Whatever you are and whatever you want to be, just have faith in yourself and feel my presence at the bottom of your heart. Once you do that, your aspirations are sure to gain an awesome glow. At times, your progress could be fast, and the other times, slow. But mind you, if you have decided to give me a try, there is none to stop you digging the road in the snow.

While I am an inspiration to the zillions elsewhere in the world, people often don’t deter using me the wrong way. Am no devil entity whom you could use to murder others and simply go away. I firmly oppose to be the reason behind mass killings on the name of region, religion, cast, creed, gender. Hence if you are also the one to opt for such devilish deeds, just pardon me; I have nothing to say. The world is already becoming a hell, how come you humans could make it even a worse place full of wrath, hatred, jealousy and dismay. If this is what you want to achieve through me, I am not game with it at all, please go away

Expressions-Sarcasm(sar·casm : /ˈsärˌkazəm/: The use of irony to mock or convey contempt. Synonyms: irony)

People use me to express their hatred and jealousy against others. I am an unfortunate word and mostly uttered by the lovers of nuisance. As an irony, I am not alone ruling over the world of detestation; derision, scorn, disdain, cynicism and many of my other siblings equally share the space with me and make the lives of victims no less than hell, still all is well.

I am the witness to countless sufferers of atrocities who get nothing in the name of compensation but me. No wonder if they are undergoing intense pain, bleeding, or are even close to dying, the mean world is too busy accomplishing their own goals and scorning, leaving the affected ones crying. There is no community more criminal and heinous than the powerful and mighty ones for they don’t regret massacres and come up clean, holding the hapless fellows as accused instead. Even I bend down my eyes with shame and dejection, seeing all those felonies being forced on those who otherwise should have been given the protection.

Often, people seek my favor out of frustration as they fail to match the level of the wise fellows around them. Finding no way to get out, they simply create sheer irritation and make a mockery of all those so-called successful idiots annoying them. Mostly, losers are my best takers since they qualify all these virtues, and not surprisingly, I tend to find such dignitaries in almost every nook and cranny of the world. To my amuse, sometimes even mindful people tend to lose their minds and allow me to let them unwind.

I know that for my existence, it is important for such anti-social miscreants to breath till as long as possible. But seeing the plight of the tortured ones who bear the wrath of these heartless people sometimes by force and the other times by words, I wish I wouldn’t have taken birth. But if not me, then there would have been someone else playing my role as all of my other siblings keep on doing throughout the world, annoying to the worst, destroying innocent hearts.

Never Under Estimate AnyoneThis dates back to my academic days, some 7 years ago. The incident happened in front of me, though owing to considerable lapse of time, now I remember only parts of it. Anyways, whatever it was, am trying to compile it here. Most of the words written here were exchanged exactly and the rest ones I have written myself, yet making utmost attempt to keep the originality intact. Hope you get the intended message.

I was on a shared auto on my way from college (in the outskirts) to the city area. There were two of my college mates from a different course to accompany me. And apart from the three of us, sat this gentleman, who looked not so old but definitely old-fashioned, probably in his late 50’s. After covering few miles, the eldest of us started the conversation, which was later joined by the other two . I preferred to don the role of a silent spectator throughout their dialogues.

The old man: Aap log IMS mein parhte hain (Do you guys study in IMS)?

First student: Haan (Yes).

The old man: Waha to fees baht zyaada hoti hai. (They charge too much amount as tuition fee).

Second student: Kuch khaas nahi, kareeb 1 lakh saal bhar ka (Not much, around 1 lakh annually).

First student: Par hamare liye koi badi baat nahi hai, hamare baap ke paas baht hai. (But it’s not that big deal for us, our fathers have plenty of money).

Baap is the Hindi translation of father, but is also often used as a slang term.

Both the students gave a sheepish smile to each other, as if they are the worst ever spoilt brats existing in the world till date. The old man maintained silence as if feeling somewhat out of place. But after a little pause, he restarted the conversation.

The old man: Aap log kaun si parhai karte hain (Which course do you guys study?)

Though I hardly knew them but since they were of my college, so I had a rough idea that they were B.Tech or B.Sc students. They too answered the same, but in a manner that could well be deemed as insulting to almost anyone.

First student: Hum log science parhte hain (We study science).

He didn’t mention the exact stream.

The old man: Wo to theek hai par kis course mein hain? (That’s alright, but in which course).

He exactly wanted to ask the stream in which they studied, like B.Tech, B.Sc. MCA, etc.

Second student (Who by now got irritated by the old man): Taaau, tumhaare samajh mein nahi aayega.  Bus itna samajh lo ki science parhte hain. (You won’t understand that uncle, we study science and that is enough for you to know).

Taau is again often used as a slang term in Hindi, though in real, it refers to the elder brother of one’s father

It seemed as if that statement from one of those students was the height of nuisance, which was enough to infuriate the old man. Now he parted ways with his native language and to the surprise of all of us, started speaking in English.

The old man: Okay, you are the students of science. So could you please tell me, what is the definition of science?

That statement in a decent English fluency left me stunned and those guys, clueless. They got dumb fold.

The old man: Come on! Tell me. What is the definition of science?

The two guys still remained numb and under grave shock.

The old man (again): This is the problem with you people from the new generation. You are nothing but spoiled brats, wasting the money of your parents, full of attitude and have no respect for elders. Is this what you have been taught, Ham science parthe hain (We study science). Badtameezi ki bhi had hoti hai (There is a limit to disrespect).

I came here to submit the fees of my son who has taken admission in your college in B.Tech computer science. I asked about your streams to know if you are also from the same course, so that I could request you to be friends with my son. He is new to this place. But arrogant people like you can never be friends with anyone.

Both the students preferred to maintain pin drop silence as if someone has stolen their kidneys and they couldn’t wait mourning about it.

The old man: You thought me to be a poor old illiterate man, how come he would know about technical terms. I admit that am not that well educated but have enough of knowledge and know a little bit to communicate in English as well.

I know, most of the people of your generation don’t care to take advises from their elders. But still, I would like to say, “Never underestimate anyone”.

Amid all these heated conversation, finally we arrived at the destination and stepped down to go to our respective routes. But that one liner advice got a permanent space in my mind, and is there even now. (Though it was intended for the other two passengers).  Indeed, Never Underestimate Anyone.

Expressions-MercyI am a good expression to own but unfortunately, I have too few takers in this egotist world, full of revenge and vengeance. I have been denied with my true essence since ages, be it during the stone age or during the reign of gigantic empires. But still, I was way better in those times than I am now. People nowadays are more cruel, ruthless, heartless and emotionless. They forget my existence in entirety as if I have been burnt alive along with innocent people in a heinous communal riot. Yes, I am selfless, but helpless Mercy.

I could hardly find any incidence when I really rejoiced a smile baring few. The prominent of those was when Alexander the Great eschewed killing the brave King Porus and even asked him to continue ruling the kingdom despite the latter being defeated. Most of the other times that I see myself being honored is when a mother forgives her child in the hope that the kid would grow as a better human being.

But unfortunately, these humans are not so innocent any more. They do grow, but alongside, tend the others around them to be suppressed, overpowered and overshadowed. They tease, torture, molest and even kill others around them, but never commit the mistake to let the affected ones go. Sometimes in the name of terrorism, the other times in the name of extremism, at times due to religion, and other times, owing to false honor, I keep on facing the wrath of these atrocious creatures now and then. Amid all that violence, I could only wish that my existence be helpful to those innocent people who are made the scapegoat owing to circumstances.

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, and so forth, I die uncountable deaths, yet live up to die again and again and again. But I fail to enter the good books of the mighty, because they don’t believe in books at all. Whatever they say is the verdict, wherever they go is the destination. There is none to stop them, none to halt them. Poor fellows, they are too arrogant and aggressive to realize that they would also become weak n feeble someday and would be overpowered by someone else like them, much more powerful than them.

I Know am good and hold the tendency to bring huge respite to all and sundry but good things are rare. Indeed, life is precious-one saved life infuses vivacity to the entire generation. To the contrary, one lost life paralyzes the entire kith and kin. Hence, no wonder that I always appreciate the efforts of forgiveness from the mighty ones as by doing this, they just make it sure that humanity is still alive. But such soft-hearted fellows are very few in this otherwise mean world.

I am anxiously waiting for the day when the residents of this world would understand the real meaning of forgiveness. Indeed, to err is to human and to forgive is divine. But unfortunately, none here is interested to imbibe that divine power, not for a single moment. Still, I will wait for that day…!

Expressions-AngerOnce I capture your mind, there is hardly anything that could come in between us. I empower almost any entity existing around you and compel you to do the unprecedented. It’s better that you recognize me by now else I won’t deter showing my anger, because I am not but Anger myself.

I am there in your heart when you see something going around, but it depends whether you utilize me to help the affected ones get the justice at that time or merely become a silent spectator.  I have all the rights to make you the real culprit behind a crime or could tempt you to participate actively in a crime among your fellow felons.

My presence makes others fell on their knees and plead to you for mercy, but am stubborn and make you the same as well. I don’t let you listen to any of the lacerating awes or have a sight of tears that could have torn apart the hearts of others, otherwise. It won’t be wrong if you blame me behind your going mad beyond heights. I can force you to play the blood games with your own dear ones and at times, am too good to make a mockery of your relations. Just a single word I force you to utter, and it is fair enough to segregate you from the whole world.

You can though use me for good reasons, but thanks to your corrupted minds that you seldom try me for noble deeds. However, there are always a bunch of people in every part of the world, who possess the courage to bring about a revolution. Such species of homo sapiens know my best utilization, as they lay the foundation of the much desired change; and at times, ignite the change. But this species of people is lesser in strength, since the rest of all others are my slave.

I would be interested to know your status regarding me at present. Are you too my slave by birth or prefer making me to obey your orders to the contrary? I won’t mind if you prefer the last option, but yet again, I am afraid, if you really prefer that option. It is so easy to express me without reason but it is equally hard to express me for a truthful cause. I am faithful to myself, but still, would like to give you a tip..Have a glass of water or simply, lie down on whatever you find-bed, couch, bench, someone’s lap or even the ground, whenever you think I am about to dominate you.

Expressions-HatredWhen circumstances force you to part ways with your land and your dear ones too disappear like a castle of sand. This is the time when you realize that you have been completely banned, and ultimately I give you the strength to belittle your tormentors, and have against them a conspiracy planned. If you still can’t identify me, it’s not your fault, for am hatred, the expression which is bitter than salt.

At times, even my arch rival love, ceases to avert my attention. I easily replace it when merely a misunderstanding between two souls destroys their relation. Two long times enemies are my best friends, for both use me to rekindle their hostile attitude, like a profound inspiration.

At times, those from the older generations find solace with me whenever they see their younger lots following misleading directions. But they can’t do much lest being friends with me and observe the assassination of traditions. History repeats itself and no wonder; once upon a time they too endorsed the same intentions.

When a troop of soldiers fires naked bullets over the impoverished ones or the mighty takes away the basic rights of the downtrodden ones. When a child sees her mother being beaten ruthlessly by very own father, or a vehicle just hits a passerby and runs. In all these and many more incidences, I erupt the feelings of the affected ones, fill their hearts with anguish and sometimes their hands with guns.

I know I am not a desirable expression at all. But how could I avoid the blank faces of silent spectators, despite their numbers being tall. Poor fellows, they can do nothing more than becoming the witness, while piety is being experiencing a severe downfall. Moving over, I don’t need to work too hard in stimulating your brain, instead your desire to be victorious does it all. If you win the race, that’s all. But if you lose, you deter to forget the agony of missing out on the winning call. You start using me strongly against your so called destructors, without thinking that you lost due to your own fault.

If you still wish to change, do it now. Else am always there to rule over your mind and give your existence a total overhaul. I am hatred, believe me I am very honest in destroying your life; all you need is just to give me call!

Mohammad Atif-Love At First SightIt was a winter morning when I was waiting on the bus stop to board a bus for my college where I got admission recently. This beautiful girl was standing next to me who donned the personality of ‘the girl next door’. How could I stay numb when such a pretty damsel is there around me to talk with? As always, I tried to initiate (being duly prepared for the worst result). “Excuse Me”, I uttered with a low voice. Pat comes the reply…Why should I excuse you? I was quite amazed with that unusual reply. Still, I mustered the courage to carry on somehow. What is the time? I asked next. Am I a clock house? She replied.

By now, it was clear that the girl is a tough nut to crack and I considered it better to keep silence for the next few minutes until she broke the silence. Hi, I am Rose and that was my usual way to interact with the strangers. But I find you cool enough as your way to approach me is quite decent, else the boys are generally too rude to us (the women) and don’t even hesitate passing lewd comments.

After listening to her, my oxygen cylinders were finally back within my respiratory system and I considered myself lucky enough to get reaction from that gorgeous beauty. She was looking too chick and trendy in her denim jeans and white top with designer buttons tucked in queue from neck to navel. Funky bracelet on her right hand and a branded wrist watch on the left one made her to resemble a seasoned model to my mind. Her lipstick was not that loud either and her curly hair strands gave the appearance of continuous waves in a sea, ready to hit the shore. A fashionable bag was further incrementing the zenith of her personality; I wondered what treasure did she keep inside it. In her hand she was holding two thin books, with a pen used as bookmark in one of them. By her overall appearance, it seemed as if she was a student.

It was just like the love at first sight but I thought it better to shut up my mouth rather than being scolded for my dare. The bus came in next and finally I got hold of my seat inside it with a heavy heart and with a one of its kind pain of losing that girl. Throughout the short journey to my college, I kept on imagining her as my partner for the rest of my life. You better know, we boys are so fast in constructing castles in the wind. Drenched completely in her thoughts, I hardly felt that the bus had finally arrived at the college until the conductor informed me. The fact that I was the last one to leave the bus is enough for you to guess my madness for the girl….I wish I could meet her just once more.

I entered in the class for the first time after my admission and have had a causal look on my class mates, especially the females as if I am desperate to find that girl. Within five minutes, the class was full and my hunt for Rose ultimately died with no extra space left in the classroom. It was my English literature class to start the proceedings of the first day and I was down with my head when suddenly everyone stood up. With the speculation that the teacher has entered the class, I too did the same. Hi students, am Rose, your English teacher, came the voice. I was quick enough to hear that serenading voice and gave prompt response to its owner only to get stunned.

As I looked forward, there was no end to my surprise as she was the same Rose, the angel of my dreams whom I met at the bus stop. I guess it was the beginning of a furlong and an unusual love story between a teacher and a student, as that girl is still with me, as my better half, and helping me out in writing this short story about the day of our ‘love at first sight’ affair.

(Reproduced from my Wattpad Account)


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Expressions-HopeI am the reason behind millions of lives breathing fresh breeze of air, you often show faith me in and part ways with despair. Though I still wish I could inspire the rest ones who lose courage, forget to cheer, and at times, giveaway their lives in the illusion that God didn’t give them a hear. I can only request you to face challenges without showing your rear, you will definitely find a reason to live If you find even an iota of me somewhere around your near. I believe you must have caught me by now, even if not then just to let you know am your quintessential hope, oh my dear!

I am valued the most at places where people have been jeopardized by my arch rival, despair.  I just manage them to believe in my appearance whenever it is a tough battle for which they need themselves to prepare. I erupt the needful with joy and inculcate happiness among those ever ready to explore something so far unclear. Had I not been around, there would be no discoveries and inventions throughout all those centuries and golden years. The desire to conquer the unconquered has also been largely motivated by my presence among stalwarts in this worldly sphere.

I have many friends that keep your interest in life alive, happiness, faith, belief, love, trust, all of them are alike. Should you be friends with any or all of them, you are sure to raise your optimism to an exceptional height, no matter what is your current plight. My presence makes a losing team win the gala fight, and often encourages the otherwise dismayed couples to don the role of parents with pride. Those imprisoned wrongfully keep waiting patiently for their freedom just because they take my side and those without eyes never leave my hold for they know someone or the other would definitely help them change their darkness with light.

But I am still trying to convince the beholders of fairer sex to be fearless and part ways with harassment butterflies. It is really becoming hard to ignite my desire among their hearts because of a filthy atmosphere surrounding the skies. Frankly speaking, I can just hope to prove true to their expectations and see them rejoicing a cheerful life. Oh men of the world, please for God’s sake change your attitude if you really wish this world to be a better place to survive.




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Expressions-PainI am spread all over the world; no life is complete without me. My presence teaches you the real meaning of life, whether you do or don’t agree. I am PAIN- the expression that treats all of you with equality, without discriminating on the basis of wealth, religion, caste or creed. For some of you, I might be an alien entity but mind you that I can be yours anytime, sometimes when you are in distress, the other times while you bleed.

I have been there in the world since its beginning and will definitely exist everywhere from your first till last day of upbringing. I have caused heavyweight rulers to bow down to my might and have uncountable times humbled the valor of warriors and knights. I am entirely unique to each one on this earth; all feel my presence around them, sometimes or the other since birth. Fortunately, you humans can cry so you can be heard, ever thought of the rest ones who simply can’t utter a single word?

If you think, I cannot ever happen to you, think twice, for none is complete until I show my price. You can find me anywhere and everywhere. Am there at your home, along with you or may be with your family members, don’t blame me if you feel me due to any of your severe blunders. However, its not that I am always physical, most of the times I hurt you deep within your heart and make you emotional.

If you realize the agony of losing the life a dear one or just can’t tolerate the idea of parting ways with your long time companion,  whether you have been an unfortunate victim of some unsolicited act of disgrace, or have just missed out on a golden opportunity  of being a medallion. In each such instance, am always there with you like an honest friend unlike the selfish happiness that remains only for few moments and then flees away in the oblivion.

Genuinely speaking, you are a coward if you drop the idea to dare for the sake of this stupid reason that I might be there. To the contrary, I will surely respect your effort if you show character and come out victorious in your own flare overcoming the spoil sport played by my act of despair. If you ever believe in God, and remember me in your prayer, I don’t promise to disappear, but for sure will try my best to make your existence more satiating and sincere.