I wrote this introduction long time ago, much have changed since then. As for this blog, I have managed to extend its horizons beyond the topic of India to include various categories such as life, expressions, technology, and business. At present, I prefer focusing more on expressions and sometimes, may be at travelling. Whatever be the topic, I promise it would be straight from my heart to your heart; there won’t be any intermediary junctions, but destination. Should I say that I need your encouragement? OK! let it be! Please encourage me to pen down my thoughts in their purest form. You matter a lot for me, believe me!

This blog is my take on the life around me and the way it affects my existence. However, I do write for mundane possessions as well, and for that you can check out my other blog on blogger, The Treasure Blog Land. It is not that boring either, instead I hope you will find it interesting. Yet again, believe me!



Hi All.

With this first post, I am making my entry to the world of blogs. Through this blog I want to travel across the length and breadth of India and depict its eternal beauty.

India is a nation of varied culture and rich heritage, having a history of almost more than 5000 years. This blog is dedicated to all those people who have India in their hearts and invites all those who want to explore India. To summarize, there is something in it for every one. I am sure this blog will  inspire each of us to share their part of  India with all its reader.

Keep on visiting this blog to know more about India. Wish me best of luck.



  1. I always have India in my heart! 🙂

  2. Kavita Joshi says:

    Love browsing though your posts

    Thanks a lot for the visit dear…..Keep blogging

  3. Donita Herscher says:

    Wow, wonderful blog !. Thanks For Your article about INTRODUCTION | Tour~De~World .

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