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Ramadan Mubarak

Posted: September 1, 2009 in FESTIVALS


The holy month of Ramadan is observed all round the world among Muslims. The followers of Islam observe their fasts continuously for 29-30 days. People start their fast after eating the meals at the time of suhoor before the sunrise. They break it after the sunset with the meals at the time of  iftaar. Muslims in India too offer fasts in Ramadan Mubarak with due respect and regards. They follow all the desired conditions for their fasts to get completed successfully. Apart from the abstinence from eating, people offering fasts are prohibited to harm others, involve in any sexual act, and lying etc. People spend most of their time in prayers called as ibadah during Ramadan. A special type of prayer called taraweeh is offered at the night time in addition to the regular daily 5 time prayers or salah. This peaceful momentum continues for the whole month of Ramadan after which the much awaited Id-Ul-Fitr is celebrated.