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the burning desireThe burning desire to defeat the circumstances often forces you to bear the brunt of dangerous distances. Sometimes you go on to fight the world, the other times you argue with the world within yourself. How long can you survive like that is the crucial point, I am afraid how could you cope up with situation with such perplexed mind.

Still, there has to be something to keep igniting the passion, come what may, you have to overcome your emotions. Relationships apart there is a lot to achieve, but that doesn’t mean that you fake the relations. It is however equally challenging to establish balance in your bi-fold dedications. While you were alone there was nothing to hamper your ideas, you were as virgin and pristine as a newborn girl.

Suddenly your life takes a whirl. You see yourself surrounded with a bunch full of beautiful thorns. They keep hurting you now and then, despite their heart pondering adorn.

Oh ye pretty but deadly thorns! Be aware that thou can’t stop me from doing for what I was born. Defying all the odds, I will do what I want. No, I don’t care about my pains and your scorns. You may well try filling my path with hardships, and make my soul torn. I would continue to fan my burning desire, and win those departed hearts despite your persistent attempts to fail my sojourn.


Life Vs Destiny

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live vs destinyIt was a heart wrenching incident, and it sill ponders my heart when I think of it. Life is so uncertain, it could betray almost anyone, no matter if one is at the pink of age or at the brink of being aged. At least for Afzal, it was definitely a gory moment. A sturdy, tall, handsome, vivacious lad in his twenties, Afzal was a local student, but had his friends in the boarding as well. A sportsperson, a meritorious, student, a Robinhood for the needful, a person with happy-go-lucky nature, he donned many avatars. But, it was destined to happen!

Scene 1

The story unfolds in a hostel room of a world famous University. Afzal, with his friends, were in Imran’s room. The conversation between them was going on:

Afzal: Let’s go Imran bhai, it will be fun.

Imran: No dear, I have to study. M.D is not that cakewalk.

Afzal: (Still Adamant): It is just the matter of few hours, it’s 2 PM now, we will be back hopefully by 7-8 PM.

Imran:  A physically challenged person who walks on the support of a crutch, what will I do on your hunting tour. I can’t even run.

Afzal:  You just accompany us. Keep sitting in the Jeep, you won’t be bothered. Faisal and Nawaz will also be there with us. We will all enjoy.

Imran: Please for God sake, forgive me. I can’t go with you.

Afzal: You will have to agree with me. I won’t hear your arguments any more. You are coming with us and that’s final.

Imran: Ok dear, You won, I lost. Let’s go.

Afzal: Great! This has to be the spirit. Don’t worry, In Sha Allah, we will be back by the evening.

life vs destinyAfzal somehow manages to convince Imran to go with him to the picnic spot near a popular dam, around 25 kms far from the university campus. The place was a quiet, calm and soothing one, all gifted with natural surrounds. A better part of it consisted of wild animals and birds; the reason why enthusiasts like Afzal wanted to go there for hunting.

Scene 2

Asif, Sharib, Sayeed, and Waqar, all were there in the room. It was a big room, with a roof that takes you in the bygone era of the British Empire, and the same goes with the ceiling fan. Pin drop silence was a rare occasion in that otherwise cheerful place. Ultimately, one of them breaks the ice.

Sharib: I wonder why Imran bhai agreed to go. But who is this guy, Afzal? I have never seen him earlier.

Asif: He is one of his friends. Don’t you know Imran bhai is a VIP. He has his connections in almost half of the university (Everyone gave a half-hearted smile). Suddenly, Jamal enters the room.

Jamal: I am just coming from the proctor office. They have lodged a complaint with the police.

Waqar: Complaint? For what.

Jamal: For Imran bhai, going missing. I told them that he went to the dam in the afternoon with some of his friends, but has not returned since then. It is already 10 PM.

Sayeed: So what next?

Jamal: The Inspector wants two of his roommates to accompany him to the dam to find Imran bhai, along with few university officials.

Few minutes later, Asif and Sharib are all set to move on in the Police jeep, when suddenly one of the Police staff informed that all but one people reported missing are back. The two almost competed in a race to reach their room. As they reached the finishing point, they saw Imran bhai surrounded by many. In fact, the entire room was engrossed by several known and unknown people; it was indeed a big room. Sharib steered his way to Imran in the pursuit of grabbing the latter’s attention.

Sharib: Imran bhai, what happened, why it took so long for you to return? Is everything fine? Where is Imran? The police told us that there is still one left at that place? Please tell, what happened?

Imran (Breaks silence): I have no words to speak, I am speechless.

Imran starts describing to all what happened during the few past hours near that dam.

Scene 3

life vs destinyThe friends have arrived at the decided spot, and are enjoying, unaware of the uncanny situation that is about to happen in next few moments.

Afzal: Imran bhai what a lovely place, isn’t it? We have finally reached here, thank God. We will stay here till evening. We will shoot some Sparrows or Grey Francolins as well, if we come across any. Then we will return.

Imran: As you wish, but please don’t involve me, I am better off sitting in the jeep. You enjoy the day with Nawaz and Faisal.

Afzal takes out the gun from the jeep and goes out for a hunting spree along with other friends. Suddenly he sees a Grey Francolin sitting on a tree.

Faisal: Afzal, look at that, a Grey Francolin.

Afzal: Where?

Faisal: There on the top branch of that tree. In fact, there is a pair.

Nawaz: Let’s go for it Afzal. It’s a damn good opportunity.

Afzal: Ok.

life vs destinyAfzal was a multi-talented person. Flawless shooting was another of his qualities. He aims at one of the birds and BANG! The bullet hits right on the target. One of the bird fell down, and the other flew away.

Afzal: See Faisal, I did it.

Faisal: Yes dear, I know you are a sharp shooter. (Smiles)

Afzal: That I am, for sure. (Smiles)

Nawaz: But the bird has fallen down in the pound. We could not pick her up.

Afzal: Don’t worry, she is right here. I will take her out.

Nawaz: Afzal, leave it. We don’t know the depth of this pond, and it looks quite swampy as well. Hence, I would suggest not entering it.

Afzal almost neglects the warning from both the friends and walks his way to the middle of the pound, to pick the shot bird. His friends keep on warning him against the possible danger. Imran also sees Afzal’s daring from the jeep, and yells right from his place.

Imran: Don’t risk your life!!!

Afzal hears none. He just moves ahead, reaches the mid of the pound and manages to pick up the bird. So far so good. However, as he turns back and tries to return to his friends, he suddenly loses his ground. His legs start plunging deep within, as if someone his pulling them from beneath the pond.

His friends become worried on seeing him disappearing. They start trying out ways to pull him life vs destinyout. Faisal threw a branch of a tree he found nearby. It was long enough to reach Afzal, but not strong enough to bear his load, and breaks in between.

Imran was also quick to come to the place with the support of his crutch. But he could do little to save him from the swampy pond. Afzal got loosened the hold of bird from his hand and started pleading to his friends for rescue.

Afzal: Imran Bhai!!! Faisal!!! Nawaz!!!  Please do something, please save me. I don’t want to die so early.

Faisal and Nawaz, both took their turns to save Afzal. They even reached that closed to him in the marshy area that looks like a pond from the surface. Unfortunately, they were compelled to recede with the fear of being drowned down themselves. Imran, despite wanting to do everything to snatch his friend from the jaws of death, could do nothing. Every moment, Afzal continues to sink deeper and deeper………and deeper……and finally…Disappears.

life vs destinyAll his friends went speechless, a silence surrounded the atmosphere. Suddenly, they regained their conscious and called up the local people to help them out. The search operations were difficult to carry out in the night. Finally all of them were escorted to their destinations by the local police. Imran went to his room, from where he narrated all that gory incident, as it happened. The entire room went silent.

The Other day

Rescue operations resumed the very next morning. Cranes and professional swimmers were approached to find Imran inside that pond, and in the lake nearby. After full day of hard work, Imran was finally found, but DEAD, in the lake. Inside his socks, he carried a rope, and his pricey boots had a knife fitted in the sole of one of them. He didn’t think even once of these helping accessories during his struggle with life that he always carried when on hunting. Absolutely, Death was destined for him.

life vs destinyHis cremation ceremony included everyone from, rich to poor, students to professors, old to young, and more. Such was his connection with people from all the walks of life. But, they could only pray for his life thereafter, couldn’t bring him back. It was destined to him.

(N.B: The story is based on a true incident that took place more than a decade ago. The conversations however have been created to support the story, they are not real. The names of all the characters have also been hidden purposefully).

Guns N RosesThe desire to dominate and capture the throne is dangerous. It destroys lineages, makes blood cheaper than water, tends some fond relationships to go incomplete forever and ignites the feeling of vengeance among those survived. The war continues, the agony continues, and the battle that once started with the greed of power also continues, in addition to another chronicle – The Revenge!

What we have seen in the tortured yet glorious past of the world, the nations are full of stories that stem on these two dire pillars, reign and revenge. The mighty suppressing the weak subsumes the first part of the endless saga. In the later part, the story is other way round, with the remaining ones of the dead becoming dreaded and deadly. The show goes on with legions of lacerating, and lamenting tales being unfolded at every nook and cranny of the globe.

From the ancient times to medieval to modern, and from the time of Chengiz Khan to Hitler to the mighty sheep of the modern times, there is no end to the lust of power expressed by the mighty rulers. They kept on murdering the hopes, aspirations, and inspirations of millions throughout their realm of terror and gave birth to those who spread terror in retaliation, as revenge to the loss of their loved ones.

The time until eternity will stay busy in noting down all such gory incidents it has witnessed. Unfortunately, it cannot stop those nuisances from happening, and fortunately, it is again the ‘time’ that tends all to forget what they suffered in the past. With no option left lest to abide by the orders of their suppressors, they do live a life, but which could better be called as ‘lifeless’. There is little hope for the hardliners to go soft and exactly the same way, there is hardly anyone to stop the soft ones from getting as sharp as pointed weapons.

This conversion story of roses to guns and guns to roses sees no respite, despite the obvious dire consequences. The so-called caretakers will remain eager to compel their opponents to bow down and praise them, come what may. As a backfiring measure, the suppressed will continue to resist the forced orders despite their inability to survive on a diet of malnourished meals and acidic air, all polluted by ammunition junks and gun powder. If you have any intermediate way to end this eternal war between guns and roses, please go ahead and speak right here.

Almost all of us can write, but whether we can fascinate the readers through our words, is worth inspecting. Let’s do it right here!

MohammadAtifWriting is all about transforming your thoughts into words that could compel the world to think about those thoughts. We write, we know words, we are sane enough, but it happens that we find it cumbersome to find the exact words for our thoughts. The result is obvious, none but only the writer himself remains interested to read the idea, which by that time becomes an absolute no-brainer crap and hardly represents any thoughts. So what to do?

We think often, but as for writing, we do it less often, especially when we are not bound with writing professionally. Even then, the heart weaves a plethora of titillating ideas that you just cannot wait to share with the world. You cannot speak to every single human being in person, albeit, you can reach to them through various online mediums. If you wish to share your imaginations, its better that you start with small sentences. Probably, a one liner on Facebook, or a 140 character tweet would be a good job to begin with.

Hey, but we were discussing about writing, and not social media! Right? Yes, absolutely right. But these internet avatars are very much akin to your personal diary. If you remember, you used to pen down your thoughts in your native language or may be in English and felt hell relieved. The very moment you ended up describing your feelings through that pen, on that paper of your diary. Gone are those good days, but not before being replaced by even better options, in the disguise of social media. If you instill faith in these media to brush up your writing skills, at least you will gain a settle idea of whether your words are praiseworthy or form the part of yet another toothless post. The instant feedbacks in terms of likes, shares, comments, retweets, favorites, etc., will guide your way.

Moving over, if you are eager to carry your passion forward, beyond those posts and tweets, welcome to the world of blogging! In the heydays of internet, I wondered what this ‘blog’ word meant, every time I came across it. It was only when Amitab Bachchan’s blog on Bigadda was doing rounds that I came to know the real meaning of blog – an online personal diary (Now Mr. Bachchan has shifted to tmblr). But if it’s online, how can it be personal? Instead it is public; nothing personal. And this is what the new trend is all about, spilling the beans from your heart to everyone in the world who would love to hear what is cooking in your heart and mind.

Writing something contentilicious that could send shivers down the spine of the readers is perhaps the dream of every writer, whether a naïve or an experienced one. No wonder, I too aspire something similar. But, to my mind, you cannot teach anyone how to write. It is the inner desire that prompts you to ooze out and transform your thinking into words. All anyone else can help you is to suggest you some good words or perhaps the link to an online dictionary, well encrusted by the meanings, synonyms, antonyms, sentence usage, etc. The names of thefreedictionary, merriam-webster, dictionary, oxforddicationaries, urbandictionary, and many more sprout instantly to my mind in this regard. Google itself is a big treasure of words, just write define <your word> in the search bar and you get the meaning.

We, in this generation are lucky to have internet being our best friend. Almost a decade ago, before the blockbuster entry of Facebook, which was preceded by Google’s Orkut, I hardly thought to make my thoughts public. There was no medium to do so either. However, thanks to Mr. Zuckerburg, now every one of us in this world have our own profile, from where we can speak our mind. All of us now entertain the celebrity status, which we ascertain by the number of hits to our pages, likes to the post on our profiles, etc. But writing almost anything to gain limelight is a discouraging practice.

I have see many good writers, who misuse their talent in promoting hatred and jealousy; the recent elections being a live example for the same. I can only request all such fellows with nihilistic approach, to be optimistic, and avoid indecent, abusive, third grade and foul language to express their views. Of course, in a democratic country like ours, everyone has the right to express his views. But please, at least be responsible enough while writing, since your expressions may cause unrest among many, it’s not your secret diary any more.

The main motive behind writing this page, was to express my thoughts about the fate of writing, and the writers. I have little idea on whether I have been able to make my views crystal clear, but in the course of time, I have now much relieved. Writing almost nothing for yourself since a long time is like a punishment; especially for a writer like me. Hopefully others in my category may also share the same views. But, I believe, here I have managed to convey few messages as well, for the interested ones to follow. Hopefully, they will! See you. Have a great life ahead.


Be happyThere is a deep concern taking birth deep within the heart of everyone’s existence as what Next? At some or the other stage of life, you are bound to struggle with your conscious in the pursuit to search for solace. Money is not everything that you look for, but it can’t be neglected either. Happiness means a lot to most and money can buy it largely, but money can’t buy it hook, line and sinker.

There are some moments that you rejoice, spend with your loved ones, and crack some joke that becomes the reason for cacophony around you. These are the moments that you can only create out of your wit, passion, compassion, concern, discern and once you create them, happiness is well in your lap free of cost and on demand.

But happiness can breathe a sigh of untroubled relief only if you are in a settle position and if you have enough of support in terms of emotions, money and health. Once you part ways with any of them, you may not attain that degree of comfort in your life. Now and then, you will keep cursing yourself for what you have been deprived, denied and from what you have been alienated. Was it all your fault or were the circumstances not ripe? Whatever it may be, you had to be stiff, alert and smart enough not to let those gloomy days to crawl within and make your life miserable.

You may live alone, aloof of all the mundane possessions and miles away from your dear ones. But could this give you happiness? To some extent, Yes. Especially if you are a silence loving, tranquility thirsty and peace mongering person. However, your happiness won’t last long for strong bonds is the weakness of every single living creature on this earth who has a heart, who has the tendency to be in tears, and who misses every small moment of joy and sorrow, spent with those who matter or once mattered everything.

In the clueless search of happiness, you try every possible effort available there in the book of your life. And it is good to do so. The crux is however how to relish it or whether you are able to achieve it finally? It all depends on the degree of honesty you express in your efforts. No matter if you spend uncountable bucks or if you try to buy happiness simply through your gestures or expressions, to me, it is the quotient of innocence, trustworthiness, genuineness and of course, the honesty of your endeavors that matter the most.

There is none whom I am edifying or imparting these thoughts regarding happiness, instead, I myself was worthy to find the way to real happiness and on the way, went on to create these thoughts, encapsulated in words and imprinted in digital form on this hi-tech electronic page we all call as blog.

Ultimately, I reached to the conclusion that it is you who is responsible for your happiness and none else. Materialistic things could go along to some extent, but in the end, it’s you who need to be cheerful from the bottom of your heart. So Be Happy, make happiness a habit and keep the environment around you full of colors and happiness. That’s it!

DreamsIf you can’t bear pain, believe me you won’t gain. And if you won’t gain, chances are rare that you flourish and let others around you to be enlightened with the impact of your personality.

You may feel jittery of inviting risks in your life owing to the fear of ruining your future. But how often do you feel relaxed or at par while doing your regular 10 to 7 job. There is hardly any new thing that you conquer, except loosening the bolts of your revolving chair, hovering the mouse to change the screens on your computer monitor and harping about the same lackluster political issues throughout the day.

Chances are bleak that you get any close to achieving the goals that you have set for yourself, coz what you are doing currently is just to satisfy the cause of your employer in lieu of few bucks. If you are ok with this insipid life, then cool! You need not to think beyond the limitations, better be in your self-made virtual cage of invisible walls.

But if you are damn serious of what you wish to achieve then almost any time is the BEST to start, don’t fret about your age, location, gender and whatever else is stopping you from acquiring those wings. Dreams are of two types, the one that you experience while sleeping and the other that you see with open eyes. It is your will to fulfil those daydreams that you see through open eyes that take you far away from your ordinary status, to make you the king of good times.

goalsThe journey from your ordinary life to the one that you always dreamt of is not that easy though; you really need to get the hell out of yourself. Get out of your skin, pull up your socks, do something daring, and forget the attitude that demands your caring. Surely you will be exposed to the bright light that you always expected to combat your dark present.

And if that entices you, any venture you initiate could not only benefit you but also the coming generations; they can either be the part of your establishment or can benefit from it indirectly, in terms of name, fame, monetary relief, firm belief or may be something else, much bigger, better, and colossal; Who knows?

So what you are thinking of? Don’t be an idiot box that keeps on flashing new channels every moment with the press of remote button, be a think box instead and hatch out a plan that could help you execute your dreams in the long run. Remember, if we are visualizing a brighter future for us and our coming generations, the beginning has to be done right from today, in fact right from now! Get Set…..Go!

Expressions Excitement There is no end to my existence, am there in everyone’s heart without any resistance. You express your mood with me as your weapon, most often when you get the due reward for your persistence. Am Excitement – The expression that makes you go cross-fingered while awaiting the result for your diligence and at times, sweeps off the ground from your feet, testing the level of your endurance.

I represent a mixed bag of feelings, for some I am an uninvited guest, others adopt me while they expect a much awaiting dealing. The mere thought of meeting with the one whom you ever have had a crush, or strolling down the memory lane while expecting the same old friend after a long hiatus, do you know that it’s me who let you know how eager you are to paint all those golden moments with your memory brush.

There are times where people treat me like nickel and dimes but inside their hearts they just can’t hide my rhymes. It is better if you express me instantly as you come across some sensitive situations, else who knows you might be breaking the heart of someone very close to your emotions. Once you break a heart, it is hard to settle down the commotion, from then onwards, you just try to fight and win an almost lost contention.

I am greeted with full warmth as a baby arrives in this mean world, but can only hope that the newly born does not greet the world with cruel intentions as he grows up. I can’t be missed, or left for granted, am always expressed as the one most wanted, I am there on the faces of young guns who are about to explore something yet unconquered, and grip the minds of fellows who wait restlessly for a new dynasty to dethrone the kingdoms of cruel who unfortunately made the dreams of people go shattered.

You can think me of a drop in an ocean or to the contrary, an ocean full of drops, much depends on your mind whether it wishes to sow a seed of hope or an entire farm of aspiring crops. I can only hope that you all use me in the pink of your health and wish others a sumptuous wealth. But I doubt if you could do that as you all are just the homo sapiens, full of hatred, jealousy, anguish and who can only expect for other’s ill-health.


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Expressions-PassionIt is me that invigorates the real you inside you, I often inspire you to do the impossible without any cast and crew. With all the zeal and zest, you confidently say that ‘I am the best’, as you abide by my will and without any hindrance, just go on for a kill. Sometimes, I motivate you for a task after persistent interactions; the other times what is enough is merely a fatal attraction. Before you delve into any more quandaries, let me introduce you; I am your very own passion!

The magnitude of enthusiasm matters a lot while you obey my orders; I compromise on nothing less than going beyond borders. Whether you wish to attain the height of seduction or  feel the uttermost warmth of intimacy during a high-octane romantic temptation, even if you want to achieve a profound goal, pursue things of interests, or want your soul’s purification, without me you are simply alone and likely to be surrounded with obstructions. I am the most sought after catalyst in your attempts, if you do not make friends with me, chances are brighter that I leave you and favor someone else who boasts confidence and is all engrossed with oodles of determination.

There are winners and then there are losers, it is you to decide which way you wish to go. Believe me, you need not much but the killing instincts to give your dreams a mighty blow. Countless fellows across the globe have found solace in my existence, today they are what they are just because they followed me in full flow. Whatever you are and whatever you want to be, just have faith in yourself and feel my presence at the bottom of your heart. Once you do that, your aspirations are sure to gain an awesome glow. At times, your progress could be fast, and the other times, slow. But mind you, if you have decided to give me a try, there is none to stop you digging the road in the snow.

While I am an inspiration to the zillions elsewhere in the world, people often don’t deter using me the wrong way. Am no devil entity whom you could use to murder others and simply go away. I firmly oppose to be the reason behind mass killings on the name of region, religion, cast, creed, gender. Hence if you are also the one to opt for such devilish deeds, just pardon me; I have nothing to say. The world is already becoming a hell, how come you humans could make it even a worse place full of wrath, hatred, jealousy and dismay. If this is what you want to achieve through me, I am not game with it at all, please go away

Expressions-Sarcasm(sar·casm : /ˈsärˌkazəm/: The use of irony to mock or convey contempt. Synonyms: irony)

People use me to express their hatred and jealousy against others. I am an unfortunate word and mostly uttered by the lovers of nuisance. As an irony, I am not alone ruling over the world of detestation; derision, scorn, disdain, cynicism and many of my other siblings equally share the space with me and make the lives of victims no less than hell, still all is well.

I am the witness to countless sufferers of atrocities who get nothing in the name of compensation but me. No wonder if they are undergoing intense pain, bleeding, or are even close to dying, the mean world is too busy accomplishing their own goals and scorning, leaving the affected ones crying. There is no community more criminal and heinous than the powerful and mighty ones for they don’t regret massacres and come up clean, holding the hapless fellows as accused instead. Even I bend down my eyes with shame and dejection, seeing all those felonies being forced on those who otherwise should have been given the protection.

Often, people seek my favor out of frustration as they fail to match the level of the wise fellows around them. Finding no way to get out, they simply create sheer irritation and make a mockery of all those so-called successful idiots annoying them. Mostly, losers are my best takers since they qualify all these virtues, and not surprisingly, I tend to find such dignitaries in almost every nook and cranny of the world. To my amuse, sometimes even mindful people tend to lose their minds and allow me to let them unwind.

I know that for my existence, it is important for such anti-social miscreants to breath till as long as possible. But seeing the plight of the tortured ones who bear the wrath of these heartless people sometimes by force and the other times by words, I wish I wouldn’t have taken birth. But if not me, then there would have been someone else playing my role as all of my other siblings keep on doing throughout the world, annoying to the worst, destroying innocent hearts.

Expressions-MercyI am a good expression to own but unfortunately, I have too few takers in this egotist world, full of revenge and vengeance. I have been denied with my true essence since ages, be it during the stone age or during the reign of gigantic empires. But still, I was way better in those times than I am now. People nowadays are more cruel, ruthless, heartless and emotionless. They forget my existence in entirety as if I have been burnt alive along with innocent people in a heinous communal riot. Yes, I am selfless, but helpless Mercy.

I could hardly find any incidence when I really rejoiced a smile baring few. The prominent of those was when Alexander the Great eschewed killing the brave King Porus and even asked him to continue ruling the kingdom despite the latter being defeated. Most of the other times that I see myself being honored is when a mother forgives her child in the hope that the kid would grow as a better human being.

But unfortunately, these humans are not so innocent any more. They do grow, but alongside, tend the others around them to be suppressed, overpowered and overshadowed. They tease, torture, molest and even kill others around them, but never commit the mistake to let the affected ones go. Sometimes in the name of terrorism, the other times in the name of extremism, at times due to religion, and other times, owing to false honor, I keep on facing the wrath of these atrocious creatures now and then. Amid all that violence, I could only wish that my existence be helpful to those innocent people who are made the scapegoat owing to circumstances.

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, and so forth, I die uncountable deaths, yet live up to die again and again and again. But I fail to enter the good books of the mighty, because they don’t believe in books at all. Whatever they say is the verdict, wherever they go is the destination. There is none to stop them, none to halt them. Poor fellows, they are too arrogant and aggressive to realize that they would also become weak n feeble someday and would be overpowered by someone else like them, much more powerful than them.

I Know am good and hold the tendency to bring huge respite to all and sundry but good things are rare. Indeed, life is precious-one saved life infuses vivacity to the entire generation. To the contrary, one lost life paralyzes the entire kith and kin. Hence, no wonder that I always appreciate the efforts of forgiveness from the mighty ones as by doing this, they just make it sure that humanity is still alive. But such soft-hearted fellows are very few in this otherwise mean world.

I am anxiously waiting for the day when the residents of this world would understand the real meaning of forgiveness. Indeed, to err is to human and to forgive is divine. But unfortunately, none here is interested to imbibe that divine power, not for a single moment. Still, I will wait for that day…!