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Goa Beaches - vagator

Vagator Beach, Goa

Goa is the destination of beaches, and this is no hidden truth. There is however sea difference between knowing about the beauty of this gifted place and visiting it in person. Fortunately, I happened to be here few months back, and I just promised myself to keep visiting this paradisaical land more often. So what is it that attracts the people to keep visiting this place? Is it the beaches, the forts, the people here, or the local markets? Well, I must say, all these things hold respective significance and altogether contribute in making Goa a glorious and glamorous place to hang around. So let’s start with the most hypnotizing factor that enthralls all and sundry towards this happening place of India. Yes, the BEACHES!

1. Surrender To Bewitching Beaches

Baga Beach

Baga Beach

For a first timer like me, the mere imagination of sea waves kissing your lips with a forceful velocity is euphoric. The moment I happened to get the first sight of its beach, I was speechless – It was Baga beach, one of the most popular ones in North Goa. Wherever your sight could reach, and even beyond it, every bit is captured by water and only water. The waves keep approaching toward you one after another, as if they are in a queue and waiting for their turn to romance with your existence.

At times, some anxious sea waves could even wish to greet you out of turn, so beware. The sand area is yet another titillation to the tourists. People of all age groups enjoy being here in their own manner. While children spend quality time building mud houses, adults help them out. Meanwhile, the females, especially the foreigners are busy enjoying their privacy in the sun kissed beaches, on their comfortable shacks.

2. Beaches To Visit

You must be already aware of all the must visit attractions here. However, if you are yet to tour Goa and planning a trip to this destination, here are some of the most attractive beaches that are worth a dekko.

North Goa –

  • Calangute beach
  • Baga Beach
  • Anjuna Beach
  • Vagator Beach
  • Ashwem Beach
  • Candolim Beach
  • Morjim Beach
  • Arambol Beach
  • Querim Beach
  • Mandrem Beach
  • Sinquerim Beach

South Goa –

Goa Beaches - Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach – South Goa

  • Dona Paula Beach
  • Miramar Beach
  • Colva Beach
  • Benaulim Beach
  • Palolem Beach
  • Grandmothers Hole Beach
  • Baina Beach
  • Majorda Beach
  • Lovers Beach

These are only few of the many beaches in Goa, but considering the fact that every beach would have more or less similar appearance, even visiting half of them would be great. Personally, I managed to visit only few of them in North Goa, which included Baga, Calangute, Vagator, Anjuna and Candolim beaches. Due to scarcity of time, could not touch South Goa; may be next time!

3. My Favorite Beaches

Goa Beaches - Chapora fort

Chapora Fort of Dil Chahta Hai fame

Among all the visited beaches, I found Vagator beach to be the most beautiful, less crowded and in fact most photogenic. Just a stone throw away, the Chapora fort, also famous as ‘Dil Chahta Hai Fort’, named after the popular Amir Khan’s film, is yet another must visit attraction. Aguada Fort near Candolim Beach is an equally splendid location to visit. Both Calangute Beach and Baga Beach are great in terms of crowds and you can enjoy various water activities here, but mostly between November to February.

Marketing & Dining Options 

Goa Beaches - Calangute Market

Calangute Market

If you want to shop around, then Calangute beach has to be your pick, as it is surrounded by Calangute market, which sells very cheap and Goa specific products that you would love buying any time.

While comparing both the areas, you will find North Goa the most commercial and tourist friendly place.  You can get more budget friendly restaurants  to dine and hotel rooms for accommodations in this area. Souzo Lobo, for example, is a nice place to dine in. In addition, the restaurant allows you the luxury to watch the seawaves emerging from Calangute beach right from its windows. It is located exactly on this beach and offers you some great food options; especially seafoods.

Comprising a bulk of private beaches, South Goa is comparably more expensive. However, Palolem beach is an exception as it has basic accommodations, and is perhaps one of the most widely visited beaches in this part of Goa.

4. Major Attractions


Basilica of Bom Jesus. Old Goa

The state of Goa is divided into two districts South and North Goa with Panaji, the headquarter of North Goa and the capital city, being at the center. Margao is South Goa’s head quarter. Besides Panaji and Margao, other major cities include Vasco da Gama, Mapusa and Ponda. Old Goa or Velha Goa also holds high significance in Goa due to its historical background, originally constructed by the Bijapur Sultanate ruled by Adil Shah.

All these locations are worth visiting, you will enjoy the local food in these places, and taking group selfies would help you to reminisce those moments till long. Last but not the least, the Snow Park in the Tito’s Lane near Baga Beach has quite a different and exhilarating atmosphere, and hence  is a charismatic place to visit.

5. Wrapping Up!

Goa Beaches - Deltin Royale Cruise

Deltin Royale – India’s largest Casino Cruise

The temptation of water all around would keep engaging you to this place for as much time as you wish. Whether you come here with friends or family, you will have a gala time here , for sure. Moreover, if you visit Goa during September to February, or in any season other than Monsoon, you can make the most of exhilarating water activities like snorkeling, paragliding, boating, banana ride, etc. What else! You could also go on an exciting cruise. Happy Journey!

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

All those who have experienced the ambiance within the Maulana Azad Library, walked down the University Circle Lane, given their eardrums to the lectures in various departments, enjoyed hot patties and cold drinks in the university canteen, or have done enough of hooting in the Kennedy Hall Auditorium, know what it feels to be in Aligarh Muslim University or AMU, as we call it.

The world famous educational hub has today reached far beyond expectations, with its students working at respectable designations in reputed MNCs across the globe and Government Sectors. Some of them are even too smart to have their own establishments, and they are doing well enough in their respective fields. All these ambitions, aspirations, and achievements have been made possible only because of one dignitary, SIR SYED AHMAD KHAN.

The AMU, along with all its alumni community located worldwide are celebrating the much revered Sir Syed Day today to commemorated his 197th birth anniversary this year (17 October 1817 – 27 March 1898). The noble leader, perhaps an institute in himself, envisioned a bright future for India and its citizens. His pain for the miserable plight of his country and community finally healed out in the form of Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College on 24 May 1875, which later transformed into AMU. He was a great admirer of Urdu and even promoted the language and as the lingua franca of all Indian Muslims and through his own writings.Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Sir Syed’s vision got new wings on his visit to Britain. During his stay in England, he opined, “I wish that youth of India should follow the example of young men and women of England who are religiously engaged in the hard work of industrial development of their country”. He found the way they imparted education to the students, very inspiring.

Realizing the benefits of Western-style education for the society, he decided to come up with an identical form of learning, right in his own country. Despite strong oppositions from people from his own community as well as others, he was adamant at improving the education system in India, which ultimately paid off in the form of AMU.

It is due to the commendable efforts of this towering personality that many generations have gained an outstanding form of education. Moreover, the forthcoming generations will continue to flourish under the supervision of people from yester generations. And this entire cycle will continue till eternity.

In the current scenario, we badly need many more Sir Syeds to infuse the feeling of love, piety, and brotherhood among each other . We all may be too successful in terms of our earnings, we might be running big establishments, have lavish houses, our kids might be studying in world’s renowned educational centers. However, amid all this, it is equally important to let other realize their dreams and aspirations as well. The need is therefore to carry forward the vision of our beloved AMU founder, and be the torchbearer of humanity, equality, and quality education.

Sir Syed Ahmad KhanTo conclude, let’s remember these famous words from Sir Syed that he said on Hindu Muslim brotherhood:
We (Hindus and Muslims) eat the same crop, drink water from the same rivers and breathe the same air. As a matter of fact Hindus and Muslims are the two eyes of the beautiful bride that is Hindustan. Weakness of any one of them will spoil the beauty of the bride (dulhan)

Mohammad Atif is a celebrated writer and an IT Geek. He is fond of writing on almost anything that entices him. To get a glimpse of some more of his written works, you can browse through Contentilicious and The Treasure Blogland.

Almost all of us can write, but whether we can fascinate the readers through our words, is worth inspecting. Let’s do it right here!

MohammadAtifWriting is all about transforming your thoughts into words that could compel the world to think about those thoughts. We write, we know words, we are sane enough, but it happens that we find it cumbersome to find the exact words for our thoughts. The result is obvious, none but only the writer himself remains interested to read the idea, which by that time becomes an absolute no-brainer crap and hardly represents any thoughts. So what to do?

We think often, but as for writing, we do it less often, especially when we are not bound with writing professionally. Even then, the heart weaves a plethora of titillating ideas that you just cannot wait to share with the world. You cannot speak to every single human being in person, albeit, you can reach to them through various online mediums. If you wish to share your imaginations, its better that you start with small sentences. Probably, a one liner on Facebook, or a 140 character tweet would be a good job to begin with.

Hey, but we were discussing about writing, and not social media! Right? Yes, absolutely right. But these internet avatars are very much akin to your personal diary. If you remember, you used to pen down your thoughts in your native language or may be in English and felt hell relieved. The very moment you ended up describing your feelings through that pen, on that paper of your diary. Gone are those good days, but not before being replaced by even better options, in the disguise of social media. If you instill faith in these media to brush up your writing skills, at least you will gain a settle idea of whether your words are praiseworthy or form the part of yet another toothless post. The instant feedbacks in terms of likes, shares, comments, retweets, favorites, etc., will guide your way.

Moving over, if you are eager to carry your passion forward, beyond those posts and tweets, welcome to the world of blogging! In the heydays of internet, I wondered what this ‘blog’ word meant, every time I came across it. It was only when Amitab Bachchan’s blog on Bigadda was doing rounds that I came to know the real meaning of blog – an online personal diary (Now Mr. Bachchan has shifted to tmblr). But if it’s online, how can it be personal? Instead it is public; nothing personal. And this is what the new trend is all about, spilling the beans from your heart to everyone in the world who would love to hear what is cooking in your heart and mind.

Writing something contentilicious that could send shivers down the spine of the readers is perhaps the dream of every writer, whether a naïve or an experienced one. No wonder, I too aspire something similar. But, to my mind, you cannot teach anyone how to write. It is the inner desire that prompts you to ooze out and transform your thinking into words. All anyone else can help you is to suggest you some good words or perhaps the link to an online dictionary, well encrusted by the meanings, synonyms, antonyms, sentence usage, etc. The names of thefreedictionary, merriam-webster, dictionary, oxforddicationaries, urbandictionary, and many more sprout instantly to my mind in this regard. Google itself is a big treasure of words, just write define <your word> in the search bar and you get the meaning.

We, in this generation are lucky to have internet being our best friend. Almost a decade ago, before the blockbuster entry of Facebook, which was preceded by Google’s Orkut, I hardly thought to make my thoughts public. There was no medium to do so either. However, thanks to Mr. Zuckerburg, now every one of us in this world have our own profile, from where we can speak our mind. All of us now entertain the celebrity status, which we ascertain by the number of hits to our pages, likes to the post on our profiles, etc. But writing almost anything to gain limelight is a discouraging practice.

I have see many good writers, who misuse their talent in promoting hatred and jealousy; the recent elections being a live example for the same. I can only request all such fellows with nihilistic approach, to be optimistic, and avoid indecent, abusive, third grade and foul language to express their views. Of course, in a democratic country like ours, everyone has the right to express his views. But please, at least be responsible enough while writing, since your expressions may cause unrest among many, it’s not your secret diary any more.

The main motive behind writing this page, was to express my thoughts about the fate of writing, and the writers. I have little idea on whether I have been able to make my views crystal clear, but in the course of time, I have now much relieved. Writing almost nothing for yourself since a long time is like a punishment; especially for a writer like me. Hopefully others in my category may also share the same views. But, I believe, here I have managed to convey few messages as well, for the interested ones to follow. Hopefully, they will! See you. Have a great life ahead.


Be happyThere is a deep concern taking birth deep within the heart of everyone’s existence as what Next? At some or the other stage of life, you are bound to struggle with your conscious in the pursuit to search for solace. Money is not everything that you look for, but it can’t be neglected either. Happiness means a lot to most and money can buy it largely, but money can’t buy it hook, line and sinker.

There are some moments that you rejoice, spend with your loved ones, and crack some joke that becomes the reason for cacophony around you. These are the moments that you can only create out of your wit, passion, compassion, concern, discern and once you create them, happiness is well in your lap free of cost and on demand.

But happiness can breathe a sigh of untroubled relief only if you are in a settle position and if you have enough of support in terms of emotions, money and health. Once you part ways with any of them, you may not attain that degree of comfort in your life. Now and then, you will keep cursing yourself for what you have been deprived, denied and from what you have been alienated. Was it all your fault or were the circumstances not ripe? Whatever it may be, you had to be stiff, alert and smart enough not to let those gloomy days to crawl within and make your life miserable.

You may live alone, aloof of all the mundane possessions and miles away from your dear ones. But could this give you happiness? To some extent, Yes. Especially if you are a silence loving, tranquility thirsty and peace mongering person. However, your happiness won’t last long for strong bonds is the weakness of every single living creature on this earth who has a heart, who has the tendency to be in tears, and who misses every small moment of joy and sorrow, spent with those who matter or once mattered everything.

In the clueless search of happiness, you try every possible effort available there in the book of your life. And it is good to do so. The crux is however how to relish it or whether you are able to achieve it finally? It all depends on the degree of honesty you express in your efforts. No matter if you spend uncountable bucks or if you try to buy happiness simply through your gestures or expressions, to me, it is the quotient of innocence, trustworthiness, genuineness and of course, the honesty of your endeavors that matter the most.

There is none whom I am edifying or imparting these thoughts regarding happiness, instead, I myself was worthy to find the way to real happiness and on the way, went on to create these thoughts, encapsulated in words and imprinted in digital form on this hi-tech electronic page we all call as blog.

Ultimately, I reached to the conclusion that it is you who is responsible for your happiness and none else. Materialistic things could go along to some extent, but in the end, it’s you who need to be cheerful from the bottom of your heart. So Be Happy, make happiness a habit and keep the environment around you full of colors and happiness. That’s it!

DreamsIf you can’t bear pain, believe me you won’t gain. And if you won’t gain, chances are rare that you flourish and let others around you to be enlightened with the impact of your personality.

You may feel jittery of inviting risks in your life owing to the fear of ruining your future. But how often do you feel relaxed or at par while doing your regular 10 to 7 job. There is hardly any new thing that you conquer, except loosening the bolts of your revolving chair, hovering the mouse to change the screens on your computer monitor and harping about the same lackluster political issues throughout the day.

Chances are bleak that you get any close to achieving the goals that you have set for yourself, coz what you are doing currently is just to satisfy the cause of your employer in lieu of few bucks. If you are ok with this insipid life, then cool! You need not to think beyond the limitations, better be in your self-made virtual cage of invisible walls.

But if you are damn serious of what you wish to achieve then almost any time is the BEST to start, don’t fret about your age, location, gender and whatever else is stopping you from acquiring those wings. Dreams are of two types, the one that you experience while sleeping and the other that you see with open eyes. It is your will to fulfil those daydreams that you see through open eyes that take you far away from your ordinary status, to make you the king of good times.

goalsThe journey from your ordinary life to the one that you always dreamt of is not that easy though; you really need to get the hell out of yourself. Get out of your skin, pull up your socks, do something daring, and forget the attitude that demands your caring. Surely you will be exposed to the bright light that you always expected to combat your dark present.

And if that entices you, any venture you initiate could not only benefit you but also the coming generations; they can either be the part of your establishment or can benefit from it indirectly, in terms of name, fame, monetary relief, firm belief or may be something else, much bigger, better, and colossal; Who knows?

So what you are thinking of? Don’t be an idiot box that keeps on flashing new channels every moment with the press of remote button, be a think box instead and hatch out a plan that could help you execute your dreams in the long run. Remember, if we are visualizing a brighter future for us and our coming generations, the beginning has to be done right from today, in fact right from now! Get Set…..Go!

Never Under Estimate AnyoneThis dates back to my academic days, some 7 years ago. The incident happened in front of me, though owing to considerable lapse of time, now I remember only parts of it. Anyways, whatever it was, am trying to compile it here. Most of the words written here were exchanged exactly and the rest ones I have written myself, yet making utmost attempt to keep the originality intact. Hope you get the intended message.

I was on a shared auto on my way from college (in the outskirts) to the city area. There were two of my college mates from a different course to accompany me. And apart from the three of us, sat this gentleman, who looked not so old but definitely old-fashioned, probably in his late 50’s. After covering few miles, the eldest of us started the conversation, which was later joined by the other two . I preferred to don the role of a silent spectator throughout their dialogues.

The old man: Aap log IMS mein parhte hain (Do you guys study in IMS)?

First student: Haan (Yes).

The old man: Waha to fees baht zyaada hoti hai. (They charge too much amount as tuition fee).

Second student: Kuch khaas nahi, kareeb 1 lakh saal bhar ka (Not much, around 1 lakh annually).

First student: Par hamare liye koi badi baat nahi hai, hamare baap ke paas baht hai. (But it’s not that big deal for us, our fathers have plenty of money).

Baap is the Hindi translation of father, but is also often used as a slang term.

Both the students gave a sheepish smile to each other, as if they are the worst ever spoilt brats existing in the world till date. The old man maintained silence as if feeling somewhat out of place. But after a little pause, he restarted the conversation.

The old man: Aap log kaun si parhai karte hain (Which course do you guys study?)

Though I hardly knew them but since they were of my college, so I had a rough idea that they were B.Tech or B.Sc students. They too answered the same, but in a manner that could well be deemed as insulting to almost anyone.

First student: Hum log science parhte hain (We study science).

He didn’t mention the exact stream.

The old man: Wo to theek hai par kis course mein hain? (That’s alright, but in which course).

He exactly wanted to ask the stream in which they studied, like B.Tech, B.Sc. MCA, etc.

Second student (Who by now got irritated by the old man): Taaau, tumhaare samajh mein nahi aayega.  Bus itna samajh lo ki science parhte hain. (You won’t understand that uncle, we study science and that is enough for you to know).

Taau is again often used as a slang term in Hindi, though in real, it refers to the elder brother of one’s father

It seemed as if that statement from one of those students was the height of nuisance, which was enough to infuriate the old man. Now he parted ways with his native language and to the surprise of all of us, started speaking in English.

The old man: Okay, you are the students of science. So could you please tell me, what is the definition of science?

That statement in a decent English fluency left me stunned and those guys, clueless. They got dumb fold.

The old man: Come on! Tell me. What is the definition of science?

The two guys still remained numb and under grave shock.

The old man (again): This is the problem with you people from the new generation. You are nothing but spoiled brats, wasting the money of your parents, full of attitude and have no respect for elders. Is this what you have been taught, Ham science parthe hain (We study science). Badtameezi ki bhi had hoti hai (There is a limit to disrespect).

I came here to submit the fees of my son who has taken admission in your college in B.Tech computer science. I asked about your streams to know if you are also from the same course, so that I could request you to be friends with my son. He is new to this place. But arrogant people like you can never be friends with anyone.

Both the students preferred to maintain pin drop silence as if someone has stolen their kidneys and they couldn’t wait mourning about it.

The old man: You thought me to be a poor old illiterate man, how come he would know about technical terms. I admit that am not that well educated but have enough of knowledge and know a little bit to communicate in English as well.

I know, most of the people of your generation don’t care to take advises from their elders. But still, I would like to say, “Never underestimate anyone”.

Amid all these heated conversation, finally we arrived at the destination and stepped down to go to our respective routes. But that one liner advice got a permanent space in my mind, and is there even now. (Though it was intended for the other two passengers).  Indeed, Never Underestimate Anyone.