Posted: September 19, 2013 in Expressions, Life
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Expressions-PassionIt is me that invigorates the real you inside you, I often inspire you to do the impossible without any cast and crew. With all the zeal and zest, you confidently say that ‘I am the best’, as you abide by my will and without any hindrance, just go on for a kill. Sometimes, I motivate you for a task after persistent interactions; the other times what is enough is merely a fatal attraction. Before you delve into any more quandaries, let me introduce you; I am your very own passion!

The magnitude of enthusiasm matters a lot while you obey my orders; I compromise on nothing less than going beyond borders. Whether you wish to attain the height of seduction or  feel the uttermost warmth of intimacy during a high-octane romantic temptation, even if you want to achieve a profound goal, pursue things of interests, or want your soul’s purification, without me you are simply alone and likely to be surrounded with obstructions. I am the most sought after catalyst in your attempts, if you do not make friends with me, chances are brighter that I leave you and favor someone else who boasts confidence and is all engrossed with oodles of determination.

There are winners and then there are losers, it is you to decide which way you wish to go. Believe me, you need not much but the killing instincts to give your dreams a mighty blow. Countless fellows across the globe have found solace in my existence, today they are what they are just because they followed me in full flow. Whatever you are and whatever you want to be, just have faith in yourself and feel my presence at the bottom of your heart. Once you do that, your aspirations are sure to gain an awesome glow. At times, your progress could be fast, and the other times, slow. But mind you, if you have decided to give me a try, there is none to stop you digging the road in the snow.

While I am an inspiration to the zillions elsewhere in the world, people often don’t deter using me the wrong way. Am no devil entity whom you could use to murder others and simply go away. I firmly oppose to be the reason behind mass killings on the name of region, religion, cast, creed, gender. Hence if you are also the one to opt for such devilish deeds, just pardon me; I have nothing to say. The world is already becoming a hell, how come you humans could make it even a worse place full of wrath, hatred, jealousy and dismay. If this is what you want to achieve through me, I am not game with it at all, please go away

  1. henry says:

    Nice article.

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