Love At First Sight

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Expressions, Life
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Mohammad Atif-Love At First SightIt was a winter morning when I was waiting on the bus stop to board a bus for my college where I got admission recently. This beautiful girl was standing next to me who donned the personality of ‘the girl next door’. How could I stay numb when such a pretty damsel is there around me to talk with? As always, I tried to initiate (being duly prepared for the worst result). “Excuse Me”, I uttered with a low voice. Pat comes the reply…Why should I excuse you? I was quite amazed with that unusual reply. Still, I mustered the courage to carry on somehow. What is the time? I asked next. Am I a clock house? She replied.

By now, it was clear that the girl is a tough nut to crack and I considered it better to keep silence for the next few minutes until she broke the silence. Hi, I am Rose and that was my usual way to interact with the strangers. But I find you cool enough as your way to approach me is quite decent, else the boys are generally too rude to us (the women) and don’t even hesitate passing lewd comments.

After listening to her, my oxygen cylinders were finally back within my respiratory system and I considered myself lucky enough to get reaction from that gorgeous beauty. She was looking too chick and trendy in her denim jeans and white top with designer buttons tucked in queue from neck to navel. Funky bracelet on her right hand and a branded wrist watch on the left one made her to resemble a seasoned model to my mind. Her lipstick was not that loud either and her curly hair strands gave the appearance of continuous waves in a sea, ready to hit the shore. A fashionable bag was further incrementing the zenith of her personality; I wondered what treasure did she keep inside it. In her hand she was holding two thin books, with a pen used as bookmark in one of them. By her overall appearance, it seemed as if she was a student.

It was just like the love at first sight but I thought it better to shut up my mouth rather than being scolded for my dare. The bus came in next and finally I got hold of my seat inside it with a heavy heart and with a one of its kind pain of losing that girl. Throughout the short journey to my college, I kept on imagining her as my partner for the rest of my life. You better know, we boys are so fast in constructing castles in the wind. Drenched completely in her thoughts, I hardly felt that the bus had finally arrived at the college until the conductor informed me. The fact that I was the last one to leave the bus is enough for you to guess my madness for the girl….I wish I could meet her just once more.

I entered in the class for the first time after my admission and have had a causal look on my class mates, especially the females as if I am desperate to find that girl. Within five minutes, the class was full and my hunt for Rose ultimately died with no extra space left in the classroom. It was my English literature class to start the proceedings of the first day and I was down with my head when suddenly everyone stood up. With the speculation that the teacher has entered the class, I too did the same. Hi students, am Rose, your English teacher, came the voice. I was quick enough to hear that serenading voice and gave prompt response to its owner only to get stunned.

As I looked forward, there was no end to my surprise as she was the same Rose, the angel of my dreams whom I met at the bus stop. I guess it was the beginning of a furlong and an unusual love story between a teacher and a student, as that girl is still with me, as my better half, and helping me out in writing this short story about the day of our ‘love at first sight’ affair.

(Reproduced from my Wattpad Account)

  1. Omar rivera says:

    Hey was up my name is omar i reading ur post and not bad and looks legit of how u express and said everything of how it happen and so many details wow! Nice n love it…but anyways look i have this app call music jam is were i create n compose music and i love the main picture u have here and is crazy cuz i title this beat that im about to finish exactly like urs “love at first sight” and im gonna share it with everyone who uses that app basically with 5 million people and i was wondering if i can use ur picture as my main picture for this beat that i created and if u want i can share the beat and with ur picture on it and ill even put ur name or nickname signature on the picture so u can get credit and the rhythm is a rnb beat style hit me back up with ur answer please thank you much props n respect ✌👍

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