Posted: April 21, 2013 in Expressions, Life
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Expressions-HopeI am the reason behind millions of lives breathing fresh breeze of air, you often show faith me in and part ways with despair. Though I still wish I could inspire the rest ones who lose courage, forget to cheer, and at times, giveaway their lives in the illusion that God didn’t give them a hear. I can only request you to face challenges without showing your rear, you will definitely find a reason to live If you find even an iota of me somewhere around your near. I believe you must have caught me by now, even if not then just to let you know am your quintessential hope, oh my dear!

I am valued the most at places where people have been jeopardized by my arch rival, despair.  I just manage them to believe in my appearance whenever it is a tough battle for which they need themselves to prepare. I erupt the needful with joy and inculcate happiness among those ever ready to explore something so far unclear. Had I not been around, there would be no discoveries and inventions throughout all those centuries and golden years. The desire to conquer the unconquered has also been largely motivated by my presence among stalwarts in this worldly sphere.

I have many friends that keep your interest in life alive, happiness, faith, belief, love, trust, all of them are alike. Should you be friends with any or all of them, you are sure to raise your optimism to an exceptional height, no matter what is your current plight. My presence makes a losing team win the gala fight, and often encourages the otherwise dismayed couples to don the role of parents with pride. Those imprisoned wrongfully keep waiting patiently for their freedom just because they take my side and those without eyes never leave my hold for they know someone or the other would definitely help them change their darkness with light.

But I am still trying to convince the beholders of fairer sex to be fearless and part ways with harassment butterflies. It is really becoming hard to ignite my desire among their hearts because of a filthy atmosphere surrounding the skies. Frankly speaking, I can just hope to prove true to their expectations and see them rejoicing a cheerful life. Oh men of the world, please for God’s sake change your attitude if you really wish this world to be a better place to survive.




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