Posted: April 14, 2013 in Expressions, Life
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Expressions-PainI am spread all over the world; no life is complete without me. My presence teaches you the real meaning of life, whether you do or don’t agree. I am PAIN- the expression that treats all of you with equality, without discriminating on the basis of wealth, religion, caste or creed. For some of you, I might be an alien entity but mind you that I can be yours anytime, sometimes when you are in distress, the other times while you bleed.

I have been there in the world since its beginning and will definitely exist everywhere from your first till last day of upbringing. I have caused heavyweight rulers to bow down to my might and have uncountable times humbled the valor of warriors and knights. I am entirely unique to each one on this earth; all feel my presence around them, sometimes or the other since birth. Fortunately, you humans can cry so you can be heard, ever thought of the rest ones who simply can’t utter a single word?

If you think, I cannot ever happen to you, think twice, for none is complete until I show my price. You can find me anywhere and everywhere. Am there at your home, along with you or may be with your family members, don’t blame me if you feel me due to any of your severe blunders. However, its not that I am always physical, most of the times I hurt you deep within your heart and make you emotional.

If you realize the agony of losing the life a dear one or just can’t tolerate the idea of parting ways with your long time companion,  whether you have been an unfortunate victim of some unsolicited act of disgrace, or have just missed out on a golden opportunity  of being a medallion. In each such instance, am always there with you like an honest friend unlike the selfish happiness that remains only for few moments and then flees away in the oblivion.

Genuinely speaking, you are a coward if you drop the idea to dare for the sake of this stupid reason that I might be there. To the contrary, I will surely respect your effort if you show character and come out victorious in your own flare overcoming the spoil sport played by my act of despair. If you ever believe in God, and remember me in your prayer, I don’t promise to disappear, but for sure will try my best to make your existence more satiating and sincere.

  1. Hi guy, I looked at your pic and you are cute. And this blog is very interesting I don’t think you feel pain once you reach a certain level of awareness. Here we are still not understanding each other, but not to worry, we’re starting to like each other anyway, lol

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