Posted: April 9, 2013 in Expressions, Life
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Mohammad Atif Expresssions-SmileWith me as your major asset, you can win millions of hearts and if you are from the fairer sex then we both together can drive crazy, zillions of flirts. I am the zeal on your face that opens up an error free happiness file and let others to accompany you till at least a mile- No prizes for guessing that I am the expression that you produce by broadening your lusty and sometimes dry lips- Yes am Smile.
If you don me while in an interview, you simply win half of the battle and perhaps can avoid the bullets from your boss’s mouth that otherwise acts as a gun barrel.

Just use me once and see how hard-hearted bow down to your wish, and who knows even your spouse may come out with a surprise dish. I am among the most precious gifts from the almighty that everyone wants to own, still some can’t bear me due to some fear unknown. You should have made umpteen efforts to see me on the faces of your dear ones and it definitely makes you feel proud. But if you move one step forward and try to chin up at least of those dejected faces in the crowd, you will make even me proud. I help you get rid of tears and let you be free from fears. I tend to burst you with peals of laughter and spread even faster than the speed of a helicopter. I am independent of language barrier and hold this unmistakable tendency to make your lives much more steadier.

I enhance the appearance of a senile person who aspires to walk the whole world alone, and accompany the dreams of an ambitious child who seeks to conquer so far an unexplored zone. I run out of words when someone proposes my beholder for a lifelong stroll or when a nuptial tie between two lovebirds binds them together in one soul. I come without notice when someone presses a ticklish bone and feel blessed when a work gets recognized by a personality which is well-known.

While there are so many admirers of mine, mind you that I often cross the deceptive line. People around the world are mean enough to use me for unethical possessions; they don’t mind mixing me with flattering words to satisfy their cruel intentions. Some even go further and play the blame game by merely flaunting me as a dominant mode of deception. But I hope you are not among those undesired creations and further hold this most coveted wish that the world be sanctified and full of innocent emotions.

Whenever you feel sad, just adopt me and see how I change your system’s corrupted file, for am yours forever- the everlasting Smile!


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