Posted: March 31, 2013 in Expressions, Life
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Expressions-LoveBeyond all the expressions you come across in life, I bet I am the most beautiful as I act as an oxygen to the dying hearts, efficacious medicine for the ailing patients, and a blanket of assurance for someone in an alien place. No prizes for guessing I am Love, which you seek everywhere and feel blessed if you get.

I am the best friend of fellows that promise to live together and maybe, die together. But often they take too much time to realize that I have really happened to them; an anomaly that takes away their partners from their lives, exactly the way a sea wave steals the sand on the shore and drags it into the oblivion. However, beyond this attraction between opposite genders, I do exist in a zillion of other forms on this earth as well, all you need is just to find me out.

I lay foundation for the most pious relationship existing in the world; an  inseparable bond between mother and child. Its me who makes the mother understand the necessities of her child without the latter uttering even a single world, no matter if he/she is an infant or a grown up person. In fact, every relation needs me in profusion and its only me that adds essence to their otherwise insipid lives. Not only the human beings find a place for solace under my shed, every living creation of the Almighty banks upon me for what I can do to help them survive.

Unfortunately, there is still a major part of world, which is deprived of my existence. Whether I go east, west, north or south, I find people battling it out with each other in the hunt for supremacy, pride, honor, region, religion, cast, creed and everything else. They get involved in onslaughts, hostility and cold blooded violence. I do realize that it is all because of my absence and admit that I have not been able to let them explore my essence. But am well on my way to carve out a space in their hearts with persistence and believe that I will be able to arouse those affectionate feelings desired to turn away their minds from belligerence.

Indeed, I have divine powers and an unmistakable ability to create sensations. I diminish the barriers across nations and inspire people to forget aggressions. I tend to melt even the toughest of God’s creations and spread happiness in place nuisance caused via arms and ammunitions. Whenever it is to cut short a long time separation, I am there to handle the situation. People who count on me prefer profound relations to their worldly possessions. Even those who don’t adore me, do so only overtly, inside they all have the same affectionate intentions. Frankly speaking, am there in the heart of everyone, some accept me and the others take time to shed off their inhibitions.


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