Posted: March 27, 2013 in Expressions, Life
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Mohammad Atif- Expressions -PowerThe world comprises two main species of people, one who use me and the others who whom I use. Those representing the later species are more prone to lead a mediocre life irrespective of their truthful character, honorable personality or a respectable family. It is in fact the people belonging to the first kind of species who really dominate the world, for I am your very own- Power!

You call me with many names – authority, domination, supremacy, etc., etc., but in all these forms, my role is the same-to abide by the wish of my admirers and suppress all their detractors. I have been taking toll on the minds of my aficionados since centuries and my charm ceases to wither even today; rather the list of my lovers keeps on increasing with every passing phase, be it the stone age, the medieval era, or the modern-day world.

Victims blame me for their miserable plight, all the atrocities they face and for the loss of their dear ones; the suppressors praise me for being the inspiration to climb the ladder of success via weapons. I am the sole reason behind all those wars and have prompted my seekers to put the mighty rulers behind the bars, but mind you that am none’s own property and prefer accompanying almost anyone who knows how to make my utilization above par. Be it to dominate in a small village or to take hold of strong nations, donning a coup of an incompetent governance or to manipulate high-profile investigations, my effect is felt everywhere, immaterial of whether you like me or close your ears to my appreciations.

My love is obvious amid aggressive families that rule the world. Most of the times am the reason behind their death and sometimes even behind their birth. Not surprisingly, they kill people among themselves just for my sake but despite their blood soaked attempts, I may or may not be their piece of cake. I don’t worry much about any relation, be it the mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, husband or wives, I better know how to play with their lives. My devilish appearance has received repeated mentions even in the history books, where dictators tried romancing with me either by hooks or by crooks, but finally all of them were brought to book.

I am an entity that never gets dry; those willing to bring about a positive change often also give me a try. But such revolutionaries are only drops in the ocean, for they also don the same skin and later on get involved in commotion. Not surprisingly, my quench for stalwarts is hitherto unanswered who really want to utilize me for society gain, I wish someone could finally help me get away with this suicidal pain. I am not that bad as you all think me to be, it is just that my takers are mostly the drivers of wrong lane, and totally insane.

  1. Jenine says:

    I discovered your blog thoroughly and found that you really own a vast pool of talent in your mind. I seldom come across any such mature writer.

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