Posted: March 24, 2013 in Expressions, Life
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Mohammad Atif-JealousyAm sure, you would better try avoiding me at the first sight, and make every possible attempt to bar my entry in your life. But mind you that I am an uninvited guest and an expression that you can hardly eschew, yes am your own – Jealousy!

Am there in the heart of everyone, good and bad, the right ones or those after the wrong path; the difference however lies in being my slave or making me a slave. Some fall for me occasionally while for others, am much more than their old-time friend. I corrupt the minds of those who prefer becoming my prey and at times, even leave impact on the brains of those so-called tough nuts to crack who think themselves to be the most intellectual creation of God.

Girls who can’t bear anyone else to overshadow their beauty or take hold of their beloved are my best pals, they use me time and again to express their deadly strong feelings for others. Men aren’t that rock solid either, they mostly make friends with me when they can’t tolerate others around them to sway away the damsels, no matter if they themselves possess that daring caliber or not. I don’t mind taking a toll on the minds of people who find it too unfair for their neighbors to progress in their lives, but are good for nothing themselves. Same goes for their plight when they see children of others carving out a future brighter than their own intelligent inheritors. From childhood to the last bed, am there in the heart of everyone in some form or the other and keep on inciting them to destroy this otherwise sane world.

Though it is not that am always there to spread nuisance in the world, there are still some really smart fellows who use me to achieve new milestones in their lives. Some seek my help to gain an edge over their rivals, imbibing all their virtues like an under garment, some others take it as a positive energy to keep igniting the flame of revenge inside them ;and it does work fine for them. This species of people are no doubt jealous at times for they are human, but simultaneously hold this exceptional ability to replace that first letter ‘J’ in my name by ‘Z’ and make their life Zealous, i.e., full of happiness, engrossed with zeal, they love rising to the occasions and get their bright future sealed.

As of now, am done with my introduction, thereby leaving you behind with two choices that are poles apart. But before reaching to any conclusion, I must say that it is far easier to go with the negative vibes rather than adopting the right path. So what do you think you are – Jealous or Zealous?

With love from Jealousy!


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