Expressions-A Drop of Tear

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Expressions, Life
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Mohammad Atif - ExpressionsI am not so rare but people think twice before giving me a dare. I am all around the world, hidden in the eyes of every human being but like humanity, give appearance only when I care. Yes am a drop of tear. At times people use me to express their emotions, the other times they misuse me to suppress their opposition. But like all the big and small achievements of humans, I too have had my own highs and lows. I come out instantaneously when my owners suffer a big blow and bit-by-bit when any news makes their faces glow.

There are moments of embarrassments when I have no option but to get unveiled, whether a child is beaten brutally or a false lawsuit gets the fate of an innocent sealed, a girl is molested against her will or is forced to get her modestly revealed. When people die am everywhere in eyes of their dear ones in the hope that their agony be healed. A farmer who suicides out of poverty, leaving his family behind, am all around in the vicinity making wet his dried out barren field. A mother who lost her son in a blast, a daughter whose ailing father just breathed his last, an expecting woman whose child became the victim of female feticide, or a couple who got separated due to their bitter past, am there in everyone’s eyes, flowing swiftly, tearing them apart, yet trying to get them healed.

It is not that am always there to express grief, am also the mark of exceptional self belief. I engross the eyes of my beholder for good few seconds before falling down to the ground, when they get a much desired job and get the chance to earn dollars or pond. The happiness of seeing a newly born child or getting an almost impossible mission accomplished whose solution none was able to found. Monitoring the success of dear ones in their lives or watching friends making merry with their husband or wives, I am there in their eyes making them feel serene and sound. Getting acceptance of a pending relationship proposal or meeting a close acquaintance after a long gap of disposal, tying of connubial knots leading to emotional arousal or winning an almost lost battle, which is indeed colossal, I always play a supporting role in helping people control their feelings and prepare them to go ahead with further dealings.

Yes, am a drop of tear that comes out sometimes due to happiness and sometimes due to fear. Am there in your eyes right now as well, if you wish then you can let me appear, loud and clear!


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