Can We Ever Learn From our Mistakes?

Posted: March 13, 2013 in India, Life
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Mohammad AtifToo much engrossed in materialistic things, we have forgotten the essence of life for sure. It is okay to lead the life our own way, but for that we follow each and every method possible in our dictionary blindfolded, whether legal or illegal, decent or cheap, right or wrong, oblivion of the fact that such attitude is slowly but firmly dragging us to the stone age where there was hardly any difference between animals and humans. The worst thing is that it becomes too late before we realize the loss, as the damage has already been done by that time. Blaming others on all the mishaps around the vicinity is pretty easy but in fact, we must start the mudslinging tasks right from our very own existence, for we are also equally responsible for the filth in the atmosphere.

It is not that we are happy doing all those activities but unfortunately it a bit of our retarded mental state that compels us to cross the limits. I might be sounding like a mad person myself having said all those things but by the time you would reach the end of these lines, who knows the plight be same with your mind as well. Here am going through some of our Oops moments just to discover the extent to which we have become uncultured.

Throw it out of the house: We wish to keep our house crystal clear, but do we think the same way for the surrounding outside our home as well? Not at all! We throw the garbage produced through our sources at almost any place other than the dustbin in our home. Though the exceptions are always there, but am talking about a general perception. Spreading filth here and there sends an unquoted invitation to stray animals, diseases and every unwanted thing. Yes, we do care to clean the surroundings apart from our own home but only after someone among us gets caught in the clutch of an infected disease. Can we ever grow up?

Tell him am not at home: We teach our young ones to speak truth and be honest but we forget to follow this golden on our own, what an irony? Asking a family member to say, ”Tell him that am not at home”, while responding to a call some time or the other is but a commonality . Have we gone so weak in our deeds that we simply consider it better not to face the others, not even on call? Seems ridiculous but true! Having said that, I wonder how are we able to face ourselves in front of the mirror.

Me first, me first: Patience, it seems has become an extinct thing in our society. We find it too old-fashioned to wait for few moments for our turn, be it the queue at reservation counter, a multiplex, or almost any other place where patience ought to be the key.  Endurance has unfortunately been replaced by intolerance with restless people making every possible effort to rob the foremost place at the counter and in the run, going way beyond the limitations in ridiculing, abusing and insulting others.

Mohammad AtifTraffic rules…who cares?: Farhan Akhtar, the renowned film-maker from Hindi Film Industry once tweeted, “Until and unless you are driving an ambulance or a fire brigade, you have no right to violate the red light at traffic signal”. I might be missing the exact words from his tweet but this much message is enough to reflect the level of irritation that we come across when we see someone among ourselves violating the traffic rules freely; even the celebrities feel the heat! Yet again impatience rules the roost, we find it useless to wait for the signal to go green and just go on to win the race where we are the only sprinter. But such type of race often ends in the graveyard leaving our near and dear ones only to cry for us for the rest of their lives. I wish we could be disciplined enough to be mature enough in this regard.

Speed thrills but kills: This is a common phrase that we often come across while on the road, but do we really abide by it? I guess not. What is the need for so urgency, I cease to understand. Talking about our teenager friends, they just think themselves to be on the top of the world, there is none to stop them and they have all the license to drive to maximum speed, who cares if they are not even eligible for the license, thanks to their parents. I must say that the elders are not only encouraging their kids in such a scenario to invite danger but are also equally responsible for any kind of mishap caused subsequently, be it a hit and run case, an accident or nuisance on the road due to rash driving.

The Honking thing: We better know that the traffic jam has blocked the road and the person driving the vehicle ahead of us can move on only when the space beyond him gets cleared. I just cease to understand that despite knowing about all the situation why we keep on honking until the others go deaf. I believe, we are either insane or are too much uncivilized. Questions can be raised on our upbringing as well in such a scenario.

Eve Teasing and molestation: This is perhaps a serious shortcoming that is much in discussion in the ongoing scenario, I need not to explain why. I never thought being a Good Samaritan could be that much difficult. We do have females in our home as well, don’t we? Then how come we could be so rude to others around our vicinity – in the college, the working place, a public place etc. Can’t we take a lesson from the good books and express our deep gratitude toward females instead of teasing them whenever we get the chance. Yes, we do raise voice against this inhuman thing but only after someone of our acquaintance becomes the victim. I wonder, how can we be so insensitive to such a serious flaw in the society. Are we really the human beings or merely the ruthless fellows who think women to be no more than an object of amusement? We seriously need to grow up as it is them who indeed teach us how to lead life in a refined manner.

Mohammad AtifI know am too much harsh writing about these uncanny situations. But to my mind, this is not even the promo of the bigger picture, for we know better the extent to which we have adopted the skin of ruthless animals, ready to go beyond any extent to satisfy our selfish motives. I can only hope that we could ever behave like the right way, like humans and avoid the wrong turn.


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