Are We Sensitive Enough Toward The Well Being Of Our Society?

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Life
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ImageWe expect a hell lot of things from life, some we get, some others we regret not to get. For all those things that we feel bad for, we cannot do much but to ruin our life further. Let us get tete-a-tete with some of those common mistakes we commit in our life.

Some outrageous examples (That could well happen to us)

Suppose an ambitious teenager aspires to get above 90% in his board exams and ends up getting around 80-85%. The marks he finally obtains are though good, but not good enough to please him. The result, out of immaturity or just out of short temper behavior, he jumps from a multi-floor building or hangs himself from the ceiling that he till now leveraged to let the cool breeze defy the heat in his room.  With that one insane move, he not only takes away his own life but makes the people of his acquaintance, alive yet insensitive for the rest of our lives with his parents facing the bulk of shock. Have we become so much impatient that we cannot survive such miniature jolts and jerks of lives?

Moving ahead, lets now assume the example of a girl who is badly and deeply in love with her man of dreams, and to get whom as her life partner, she could go to any extent, even can kill herself or who knows, others. One such incident came into limelight when dismayed by her parent’s refusal to marry her boyfriend; the girl conspired with the man to kill her entire family and pretended the whole incident as a case of burglary. Tragic, instead hell raising! but this had happened. And what about the girl, she found herself to land only in jail along with her so called Man of Dreams and that also in different cells, giving due respect to their genders.  Was it worth taking that deadly action on the part of the girl, have we become so mean and selfish that we can sacrifice our parents for the sake of some newly found love for which we are not even sure if it is love at all, probably it is more of lust than love most of the times.

Now let us turn our discussion to the well being of elderly, and know if we are good enough in taking care of them. Incidents of elderly couple or any of the senior citizens being made the soft target of the anti-social elements have become the order of the day. Now and then we keep on hearing that domestic help killed the owner’s mother or sensing that the parents of a flat owner are alone, the thieves chipped in, well armed with weapons, and killed them to get hold of all the things in the flat. Considering these incidents of elderly abuse, am sorry to say that we are very much off the track and have still a lot to do to keep our senior family members safe and secure.

But did you ever try to think of the reasons behind such aggravating crimes that have become a part and parcel of life. If we go on to inspect, we are likely to find at least one or two f any such mishaps right in our locality or who knows, in our home. To me, the main reasons behind these rising felonies can be attributed to:

  • Growing impatience among the younger generation
  • Inability to control on one’s physical desires
  • The greed to earn maximum money through short cuts

Social Media- The bigger culprit?

One other big reason that could be a commonality among all the aforementioned facts is the drastic shift of a majority of people towards the online social media. No wonder, spending a gala time in writing tweets, posting comments or updating profiles for the virtual world leaves us with hardly any time to interact with the real people around us. Consequently, the differences are bound to creep in within relationships, be it the bond between couples, parents and children, friends, teacher and student, et al. Excess of anything is hazardous to health and in this case, we are consuming the poison quite willingly.

Social media is indeed a good thing, and is a major weapon towards spreading the light of awareness. No wonder, it connects people located beyond boundaries as well. But at times, it might invite certain hidden dangers as well. Hence, it is better if we restrain ourselves from spending much time on this medium and alongside, avoid being friends with strangers over the web so as to avert any sort of criminal situation in the future. I hope you got my point.

This is my take apropos the twists and turns our society is taking in spite of the changing scenarios around the world. IF you want then you can have an insight on my second blog, The Treasure Blog Land, to know the other aspects in which I prefer to pen down my thoughts.


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