Sleepless Nights

Posted: September 15, 2012 in Life
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Mohammad AtifOne day while enjoying the beach sight, witnessing the battle of waves I underwent with my inner sole, this unusual fight. O my self-conscious please tell why the people have made this world a place no less than hell. I get the reply don’t cry, before blaming on the people, give your mirror a try. Whatever bad you think of the world, just look at yourself and recall how many times you have become the part of that mean world. I am sure you will get the answer right, the solution is just go out in the middle and begin against the injustice, a tough fight.

In the morning when I opened the eyes up after the entire dream episode and recalled all my past life in the action replay mode, I bust with tears in my eyes for I have spoken in my whole life so many lies. Never did I realize how others would have suffered with whatever false things against them I uttered. Time never turns back and so are your words, so what if you apologize and promise to take your words. The harm done is already more than enough to be forgiven, imagine what plight they would have gone if all the roads for them be forbidden. None but you are responsible for their miserable fate, and throughout this time you kept on enjoying all the good time, sometimes with others and rest of the times with your soul mate.

Promises are meant to be kept and not broken, I still had a heart, and thank God it was not frozen. I had a word with myself that day and decided never to harm anyone after that, even a single day. Life is precious and it should be lived with full passion and grace, I am no one to place obstructions in their way and be the reason of worries on their face. I am also a human and more prone to lose blood, who the hell gave me the right to introduce in their lives the sorrow flood.

If you too are having sleepless nights and worried how to get rid of this plight, just read this whole thought once and hold a child in your arms tight. Hopefully you will get the desired innocence that could help you to compensate for your compassion’s absence. This time make sure you do not commit any mistake and everything is right, else be prepared to face the Almighty’s might.

Be in touch to know the other shade of my existence on my second blog, The Treasure Blog Land.

  1. hitech says:

    Poetically Serious!

  2. Neha Jain says:

    Expressing your inner thoughts in such a beautiful manner is an art and God has really blessed you with such art.

  3. Sweet Angel says:

    lovely n awsom thought

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