The Ultimate Love Letter

Posted: July 8, 2012 in Life

love letterDear Rose,

You are simply beautiful and beautifully simple and that is the ultimate reason why I fall in love with you at the very first sight. The moment I saw you on that windy New Year night when you were almost struggling to brush away your silky hair strands from your gleaming eyes while walking alone on the lonely lane. Had those goons not bothered you, I would never get a chance to act as a hero and save you from their villainous deeds. But Alas! You never recognized my heroics and kept on avoiding me.

But since that very night, every instant thereon kept on rolling before my eyes like a blockbuster Bollywood flick (sometimes Hollywood movies too did the rounds) and I just could not save myself falling for you every time you came to the class in our evening physics coaching. You were always a bright student and the apple of everyone’s eyes. I never ever missed a chance on having a glance at you now and then. Being a back bencher only helped my cause of admiring each of your moves you made and every twist and turn you used to take.

No wonder that I came to know about your rogue nature when you torn apart my Valentine Day greeting card to pieces. Please don’t do that ever again else I can’t bear the pain for I cannot even hide my tears in the absence of rain. Everything but your nature is fine with me and if you wish to improve the same, none of the activities on this earth would be more pleasant to me. You lag behind in meekness which is coincidentally my weakness. At times you’re rude to me. Please be kind and don’t be so crude to me. I don’t know about you but for me you are my life my inspiration, your eyes are no less than unrivaled sensation, you are a more than perfect example of God’s creation, please accompany me on our way to love station.

This is an unadulterated maiden letter from me to you and I can just hope that it doesn’t meet the same fate as my greeting card. That is why I am sending it to you through mail so that even if you delete it, at least it will remain in your trash box for next few days. Who knows, by that time you change your mind and start becoming kind to me. Who knows you transfer my mail from trash box to inbox yet again which will hopefully be a sign of soft corner in your heart for my love.

Looking forward for your lovy dovy reply.

Your True…Lover

You better know my name..Don’t you?

  1. Beauty Roy says:


  2. Zaira says:

    Simply Beautiful and beautifully simple is what I can define!!
    Glad that the special one in your life will remain always happy 🙂

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