Top 3 Ways to Make Money Online

Posted: December 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Mohammad Atif


Right from the day the internet came into existence, it has been considered as the major information gathering tool, without any second thoughts. While some use this data to accomplish their academic or professional tasks, others use it add quite a few moolah to their bank accounts. Sounds interesting but true, there are indeed innumerable ways to make money online, however, the extent to which you can go on to earn money through online sources very much depends on your will, wish and of course, your knowledge.

If so far you have kept yourself bereft of generating handsome revenues from various mediums online, here are some of the few ways to enlighten you.

Online bidding

Are you sagacious enough to deal with the fluctuating trends of bidding? If yes, then online bidding could help you fetch smart money on regular basis. Popular websites such as,,, and more provide suitable platform for you to bid and win projects that could match with your expertise and caliber. There is no limit to the types of projects you can bid for, still SEO, PPC, content writing, website development and designing projects simply score heavily over the rests. Depending on the volume of freelance work you get from online bidding, you can easily count on it as a part time source of income.

Online surveys

The next one, among the ways to make money online is doing online surveys. Various online surveying companies have surfaced that encourage you to follow their specific format and be witness to exceptional monetary benefits. Some of the websites such as encourage you to participate in a quiz type survey pertaining to certain current happenings such as world cup cricket, FIFA, America’s Presidential election or even the most talked about event of 2011, Prince Williams and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding. As you keep on answering those quizzes, you gain fixed points that could be redeemed once they reach the maturity stage. However, at this point, it is important to beware of the fraudulent survey sites that only intend to trap you and flee away with all your hard earned money. Several similar incidents have surfaced recently.

Online tuitions

This is among the most steeply rising ways to make money online and has come as a vibrant mode of income for the young enthusiasts who wish to generate money to pay for higher studies through their own sources. Online tuition websites are always in the lookout for smart, intelligent and knowledgeable people who can devote their time towards tutoring the students online. If you are also desirous to be one of those online tutors then you may be required to qualify written exam followed by telephonic interview. If you are selected then based on your interview results and on your skills, you may be asked to give private online tuitions to the students of a particular class. If you have good communication power and are also well adept in handling kids, then it would be a further plus.

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