As Innocent As Rain Drops…

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Life

Mohammad AtifWhen it rains, arrives with its showers, a rainbow of hopes, a bundle of joy and a bucket full of  emotions that drag you back to an era when you were a child and almost nothing would stop you to get loosened your hold on your mood. I am no different and many such desires keep on pampering me even now, to play with those rain drops, dance to the tunes of monsoons and feel the nature to the core from somewhere deep within my heart. But all days are not alike and to my misfortune, I have left all those emotions back in my childhood, only to find sky scrapers capturing the best part of the city, streets- all crowded with unorganized traffic; making a mess of my morning, and some misbehaved people scattered here and there, all ready to make your life no less than hell with their unbeatable arguments.

Every night as I am about to close my eyes, I just wish if the next morning could open the door to an altogether new world where everything be well on track. Such type of wish is no less than a fairy tale that could tend a child to enter into dreamland but as a grown up, if I am expecting such a thing in the today’s world where everyone seems to be participating in an unending race, to no surprise, you will call me insane. And yes, if imagining about a society which is free of hatred and duly sanctified from evils is crime, I am indubitably the accused.

Though being a part of this world, I have also not been able to keep myself bereft of the mundane possessions. I too run with all such feelings that keep on igniting my greed to gather all the plush luxuries of life and incite me to have a tighter grip over the people around me. But from inside, am no more than a simple human being who wants to enjoy life like an exuberant kid, loves to see a colorful butterfly riding high in the sky; greeting all the flowers coming in his way and simply could do anything to feel the touch of those fresh drops of water in an open space with the outbreak of the new monsoon season.

Through this entire note, I know am not conveying any special message neither am I leaving any constructive thing that could hold the power to revolutionize the world. All I want to say is that there is little bit of child hidden somewhere in each of us and I am no different. I always loved to be a child at heart and having said that, I just want to confess that there is still a little bit of innocence left in my life that inspires me to write such types of notes, completely engrossed with life and celebrating this cheerful gift from the almighty that we call as the World!

As I always say, this is among one of the many aspects of the world around me that I feel worthy to be penned down. If you are interested in some more walks of life, then you can also switch over to my other blog,, you will definitely get to know an altogether new shade of my life.


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