Ever thought how many zeroes are there in seventy thousand crore?

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Life
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It is quiet natural for me to surrender to temptations and this time, it is the desire to write something for myself that is playing the spoilsport. But since, it is related to my inner self, I would love face the music.There is indeed a lot to share between me and you, though until now I used to hide all those feelings but now I have decided to go public. In the hope that I might find some admirers for my philosophy, I would like to start this note, on a positive note.

In my childhood days, I had an image of my future days where I am driving a big spacious car on a lone road that goes till eternity. Further, I wished to have a telephone of my own, as in those days, way back in 1980s, owning a personal telephone number was considered to be a prestigious issue and the one most desired thing of which I dreamt of was to have a piece of land of my own where I could have my dream house. Overall, I dreamt to be rich and a little bit famous.

Those were the childhood days; I had plenty of time to think about all those things with not even a single doubt that I would ever be able to miss out on all those things. It was only later on when I entered the real world that I realized this lacerating fact that most of the dreams seen with the open eyes remain dreams forever, just to make it sure that they are equally loved and cherished forever, more like the Kashmir issue, that never gets solved and we still dream it to get sorted out one day.

All the struggle and the hardships I came across taught me how to survive in this mean world and so called conspiracies against me made me more tough and rock solid to face almost any adverse situation. One thing was sure right from the day I started wandering on the crowded roads of Delhi, the capital city of India that I am here to stay, come what may. Those who were against me helped a lot to build up my personality since it were they who made me believe in myself. Had I been a nobody, why would they care to oppose me, simple logic isn’t it?

Well, coming back to my dreams, now I do have a number of my own and of course a personal cellphone, thanks to the unprecedented global revolution in the mobile technology and the  slashing down of call rates to an all time low for both prepaid and post paid connections . But except this ‘so called achievement’ that came by default, I am still dreaming to go for a long drive on my Mercedes only to end at my own farmhouse, the piece of my land that I dreamt of next in the line.

Have you ever thought how silly we are in our younger days to think that all the big luxuries and worldly possessions are just a clap away? Unfortunately, I was fool enough to believe such a fallacy till a long time even in my later days as well. As a result, here I am, neither driving a Mercedes nor enjoying golf at my private golf course, but simply writing about all those plush and lavish luxuries.

This is not only an irony for me but is the lamenting truth of the millions all across the world who bear the brunt of being born and brought up in a middle classed family. Not all of us could be a heir to Bill Gates, or Ambanis and those who have got such an honor, obviously, by default, don’t care much about such ‘useless’ things.

Once again, it is nothing but a mockery of all of us to spend billions in a short-lived function spanning just few hours where we strive hard to earn even thousands in a whole month. To top it all, how can we forgive someone who owns such a vast extent of unaccountable money that is more than sufficient to feed the crores of people who are starving to death every single day in the wake of dearth of food?

Ever thought how many zeroes are there in seventy thousand crores, let me check out…unit, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, lacs, ten lacs, crore, ten crore multiplied by seven thousand and it comes out to be a whopping 12 zeroes after seven, to be precise, 70,00,00,00,00,000 INR or in English numbers, you can rephrase it as 7,000,000,000,000:

7 trillion Indian rupees = 157.16400 billion U.S. dollars.

Just think about it, and try to find out ways to approach the big daddies of such a scandal. Who knows, if you could also get that much rich and famous.

This was my personal approach towards the twists and turns the world around me is talking these days. You can also switch over to my other blog and get even with an altogether different aspect of mine as well.

  1. sumant says:

    ये चारित्रिक दोष कोई एक दिन में तो दूर होगा नहीं। ऐसे में आईपीएल के ललित मोदी हों या फिर कलमाड़ी या कोई और निय़मो की धज्जियां उड़ाते हैं, जी भर के पैसे बनाते हैं और शर्म भी नहीं आती, सोचते हैं कि कोई क्या कर लेगा? लेकिन अब समाज बदल रहा है, मीडिया और सिविल सोसायटी आक्रामक है। ऐसे में अब कलमाड़ी और मोदी को मजा नहीं आ रहा होगा। और यही है उम्मीद की किरण।

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