Advantages of Studying Mathematics for Students

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Life

Mathematics is every parent’s most preferred subject when it comes to imparting high quality education among their children. Though not all the kids are that much gifted in this subject, still they are inspired by the parents not only to secure higher marks but also to understand the basics involved behind it. This is probably due to the fact they are well aware of the advantages their kids would get in the long run, being a good student of mathematics.

Studying mathematics in itself is more a fun than a subject and who else other than the students themselves know it better. Being bright in mathematics, straight from class first help the students to develop their own thinking and further assist them in capitalizing over their technical and analytical skills as they go older in their lives. A sound knowledge of mathematical jargon paves the way for multiple career options for these students as well.

Clearing competitive examinations is a big achievement for any of the students. Be it the B.Tech entrance exam, a Research fellow ship exam, MBBS, MBA exams or some other of those tail long list of competitions that decide the fate of millions of youngsters every year, Mathematics always act as the decider. If the student has fared above par in Mathematics and has scored average or more in the other subjects, even then, he may be considered for that much awaited final list of selected candidates.

The IT industry, at present is thronged by the intelligent software professionals, both at the national and international arena. It is mostly due to their brilliance in tackling the technical issues such as programming, testing and quality analysis that their success has been acknowledged at the global platter. No rewards for guessing that mathematics plays the most significant role in developing the mind of these professionals to that exceptional level. Parents who are themselves the IT professionals are therefore too much keen on enhancing their kid’s mathematical abilities.

Moving ahead, the Scientists and Doctors, all utilize the power of mathematics in their own way. Had the famous people of the likes of APJ Abul Kalam, Rakesh Sharma, Sunita Williams and others not been excellent in their mathematical abilities, we could never have dreamt of the kind of India we are living in at present. Moreover, the entry of humans into space has also been the most coveted gift of mathematics.

Necessity is the mother of invention and it is this necessity to know the unknown that has led the human being to discover myriad ways in order to ensure a better healthcare for the people. The immaculate research and mathematical analysis by the doctors and researchers has enabled us to get the treatment against almost every threatening disease. The example of invention of Polio Vaccine by the great Edward Jenner is the most inspiring one in this regard.

In the current scenario, the children cannot be forced to choose a definite career but at the same time, parents can motivate them not to leave mathematics in lieu of pursuing other career options. Considering the Arts stream, Geography is a kind of subject that demands acute mathematical abilities to perform weather forecasting as well as to estimate the earthquake intensity. Economics involves a detailed study of the census for which, once again mathematics plays the pivotal role. Statistics is a highly interesting subject that needs the students to take account of a flurry of mathematical assumptions and formulas based on which they create null or real hypothesis.

The contribution of physics in making mathematics a globally accepted phenomenon is noteworthy. Whether it is the famous “Mass = Force x Acceleration” formula or the well known Gravitational theory by Newton, the invention of bulb by Edison or Radium by Marconi, Wright Brother inventing Aero plane in its crudest form or Telephone by Graham Bell, all have their significance in making this earth a better place to live. Once again, Mathematics had been the driving force behind all these inventions.

At present, the successful glory of mathematics continues with the brand new inventions and innovations of the modern times. Who else could have imagined the whole world to be mere few clicks away or talking to your dear ones in some overseas location by simply dialing few numbers through your highly sophisticated cell phones? Thankfully, with the intelligent use of mathematics in devising the latest, technologically more advanced and sound gadgets, almost everything is possible.

Letters are now being less dispatched through your mail boxes and more through the email boxes. The personal assistants use their digital diaries instead of the traditional diaries. From desktops to laptops and now from notebooks to mini netbooks, the world has seen a remarkable change in technology. The data that once required a whole store room to be accommodated, now needs just a small chip to do the honors. Directly or indirectly, covertly or overtly, mathematics has been the most influential factor in bringing about this unprecedented revolution in technology.

With so many benefits for just being good in mathematics is indeed not that much a troublesome deal. The need of the hour is to inculcate good studying habits in our children and urge them to carry out a regular practice of their mathematical problems, whether at home or at school. Too many drops of water mix up together to form an ocean, likewise persistent efforts in mathematics will definitely help your kid to conquer the so far untouched verticals.

Mathematics is a subject that holds high importance in almost every walk of life. No matter if you were a good or an average student, it is quiet obvious to come across at least through the basics of mathematics at some or the other junction of your life. In the wake of such a fact, it is therefore far better to motivate your children in embracing this subject with both the arms willingly, rather than seeing them lagging behind in attaining their goals, later in their lives.

Leave it on your children to decide themselves if they want to be an IT professional, an Engineer, a Doctor, a Scientist or anything else. Whatever they do, as a parent, make sure that they do it the best way. Through all their way, of course, Mathematics is always there holding their hands as an escort to the best path in life.


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