The Lost Identity

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Life

This is straight from my heart, not any official SEO article or blog writing. The message I want to convey is crystal clear, just stick to your roots, else you are sure to get routed out. History is the lone witness to myriad cases where the mighty and all time greats have surrendered to the power of time. In all the cases, the reason was the same, their deviation from the roots and attraction towards worldly possessions.

Be it the olden days or the current scenario, we have always been the slaves in the hands of greed, lust and power.  Somewhere, in the lurch to become ultra modern, we land up being the mere puppets of western culture and nothing else. No wonder if we do not have any idea of what meaning does our name conveys, but we definitely would know the name of the newly adopted son of Anjelina Jolie, just to cite an example.

I have no intention to hurt anyone’s feelings or interests, but at least, we should have the basic knowledge of ourselves first of all. The way our parents have taken care of us, we need to inculcate the same moral values in the next generation. It is high time that we must take care of us as well as the younger lots; else our destruction is not far away. In the greed of becoming western, we would not remain even the Indians.

Either live an animated life or establish an identity of our own. After all it is our life and we must decide the right path!!!


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