Germany-The Tourist’s Paradise

Posted: January 17, 2010 in Life, World Tourism
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German tourism has always been the center of attraction for globetrotters from all across the world. The internationally acclaimed picturesque beauty, exotic locations, and the breathtaking locations altogether contribute to the joy of tourism in this European country. The soothing view of the German locations compels people to be back every season.

Its unparalleled beauty is amicably endorsed by the pleasurable and cordial hospitality of the German people. Affordable accommodation facilities further add essence to German tourism, hence compelling the tourists to visit this paradisiacal nation more often. Below is a short description of some of the internationally acclaimed tourist attractions that you would love exploring during your visit to Germany.

The Black Forest

The Black Forest is among the most visited tourist destinations of Germany. Located in Southwestern part of the country, it is well-known as the originating place for the cuckoo clocks. This beautiful place is the perfect host to a spectrum of adventurous activities such as hiking, camping and skiing.



Berlin, the capital city of Germany is a highly visited tourist spot in the European continent. The place signifies its historical values through peerless monuments and edifices such as Reichstag, the German Parliament, and the historical Berlin Wall. Some other breathtaking places include the Holocaust Memorial, Tierpark Berlin, and the Berliner Funkturm tower.



Cologne, on the River Rhine is one of the oldest cities of Germany. It is famous for the wide variety of historical and cultural treasures. People enjoy its inspiring natural beauty and vivacious life. Every year a sea tourists throngs the placid location of Cologne due to its captivating past. The time between April to October is perfect for tourism in this enticing place.

The Romantic Road

The Romantic Road signifies a flurry of roads and highways that connect the scenic towns and villages in Bavaria. The area engulfs some outstanding and delightful attractions that give full worth to the tourist’s time and money. A peregrinate to The Romantic Road is always an accomplished and memorable experience for the visitors.


Lake Constance

The Lake Constance is famous for one of the warmest summer microclimates in Germany. Surrounded from the boundaries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, the lake is widely known for its beautiful landscapes and adventurous water activities. Swimming, sunbathing, sailing and diving are some of the favorable water sports that the tourists just can’t wait relishing on this pictorial land.

  1. Soe Myint Thein says:

    Thank you author,

    This is the first time to see your post.
    It is nice to read your article. I’ve not been Germany.
    But you guide me the journey to Germany.
    Many Thanks.

  2. Bhagat Singh lahauriya says:

    This is a very good collation and Good knowledgeable information about these places.

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