INDIA: Through My Eyes

Posted: August 31, 2009 in India

Hi All.

With this first post, I am making my entry to the world of blogs. Through this blog I want to travel across the length and breadth of India and depict its eternal beauty.

India is a nation of varied culture and rich heritage, having a history of almost more than 5000 years. This blog is dedicated to all those people who have India in their hearts and invites all those who want to explore India. To summarize, there is something in it for every one. I am sure this blog will  inspire each of us to share their part of  India with all its reader.

Keep on visiting this blog to know more about India. Wish me best of luck.



  1. mohammadatif says:

    Hi All.

    Please do appreciate my attempts and criticize the shortcomings wherever you feel it necessary. Any step put forward in that way could be of much help to me. So please do post your comments in any way. I shall be highly thankful to you.



  2. bianca says:

    the food looks soo tasty!!!

  3. mr.sininntn says:

    Thanks for your post ,sir. Your blog is very helpful in improving one’s knowledge about India nation.
    Please continue to write posts like that in future as well. I like this post and am waiting for the next one anxiously.
    with a good wish,
    your friend

  4. Imran says:

    It is a very good attempt from your side brother…Ur blog is appreciable as u described various aspects of India. I expect next one wud be based on some great personalities, in particular Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who worked hard for the communal harmony of India.

  5. Mohd Faizan says:

    Dear Atif,

    I am really surprized that u have such a great knowledge of so many aspects of India. I deeply thank you for elaborating details of tourism, general awareness about Indian cullture etc.But I am sad that Indian political system still needs lots of overhauling. I know that corruption has been a major stigma in almost all the governement departments, from top to bottm, respectivily. I also look forward to know some more details in the field of education and career options as well. Thanks for such a knowledgable blog.

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